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Tuk Tuk Electric Catering Cart

May 04, 2012Posted by Forno Bravo

I’ve been reading and writing about Food Trucks, and came across this.

From, this is an electric vehicle designed specifically for cater and food vending. What a kick. I want one. Put an oven in the back, and I could deliver pizza to our neighbors.

Here is more from Design Boom.

The dutch company tuk tuk factory has developed ‘e-tuk vendo‘, a fully electric rickshaw-style van for foodtrucks and mobile catering.

More common in India, Asia, and Africa than in western countries, ‘tuk tuks’ are three wheeled cars typically used as novelty taxis and for public transportation, powered either by biking or fuel. tuk tuk factory produces some of the first electric models of the vehicles, to which the ‘vendo’ has just been added as the first craft designed specifically for food service.

You can click on the article to read more. Or you can go straight to the Tuk Tuk company web site.


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