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King Arthur Flour

King Arthur Flour at Smart and Final

Nov 27, 2012

We sure go through a lot of flour. It’s interesting to think about the ingredients that go into the good that you eat; you put so much care and attention into picking ingredients that pure and healthy  and that work and taste great. And then you think about what motivates the multinational food companies, and I don’t think they have the same motivations. The profit motive leads to a company... Read More

Under-Proofed Multi-Seed Loaves

Aug 20, 2012

One of the great things about hobbies (bread baking or distance running) is that they are, well, hobbies. We strive to do our best, but let’s be honest, we aren’t exactly virtuosos at our hobbies. And that’s good. We keep at it, trying to improve, and some days are better than others. As long as we keep learning and improving, all it well. Just don’t expect perfection. haha. With that,... Read More



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