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Hagerstown-Maryland Wood-Fired Oven in winter

Beautiful Wood-Fired Oven in Winter

Jan 30, 2013

  Wood-Fired Oven picture in Hagerstown, Maryland I can’t honestly say that I wish I was out there with him, but I definitely want to eat whatever it is he’s making in that wood-fired oven. Great photo, wonderful scene. Read More

Giardino Pizza Oven Winter Photo - Sangre de Cristo NM

Pure Oven Beauty

Jan 25, 2013

Or, how about some pure oven beauty — both man and nature-made. This oven was built by Lloyd Goding and is located at 7000 feet, in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains west of Las Vegas, New Mexico Read More

More Snow Pizza Stories

Jan 25, 2013

Pizza in The Cold and Snow We’ve been getting some great photos and stories on pizza in the cold and snow. Check out this one: Ottawa Valley eastern Ontario-Canada While it was not that cold when I took this shot before X-mas , last night we had a pizza party and I made 10 pizzas while it was -31C [about 24 below zero F.]  the oven was hot [.2 minute... Read More

Wood-Fired Pizza Truck and Snow

Jan 14, 2013

Wood-Fired Pizza Truck and Snow I really like this one. Chris Woodbeck Ilion, NY Best way to melt snow is with fire. Read More

Photo Contest Update

Dec 16, 2012

Pizza Oven Photo Contest. We have started receiving photos of pizza ovens from around the world. Thanks! Keep them coming. To give everyone inspiration, here is a nice photo of a pizza oven in the snow in Canada. Enjoy! Read More



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