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Chocolate Color Baguettes

Nov 08, 2012

Back to baguettes and color. These have an almost chocolate color, and they lack that nice golden glow that I like in a baguette. It must be something to do with oven temperature and caramelization. These used the same Central Milling AP flour that I used in a batch of baguettes a few weeks ago, and I did a pre-ferment overnight in the refrigerator. So many variables. These we OK,... Read More

Critiquing my Baguettes

Oct 12, 2012

I had some fun trying new things yesterday baking baguettes. Sadly, it was raining, so I didn’t fire my outdoor oven and had to do this indoors. In general, I have a couple of takeaways. First, flour matters. I’ve been experimenting with different flours for my white hearth bread and have been using a lot of Trader Joe’s All Purpose Flour, and try as I might, I just couldn’t get the... Read More

3,200 Calories a Day

Aug 02, 2012

You might have noticed that I bake a lot of bread — so what do we do with all of it? We don’t have a huge family, I don’t give my bread to neighbors or sell it, and I don’t throw it away after I test a new oven. And I don’t have a crazy high carb diet. Baking has been a hobby that I have enjoyed for years. I... Read More



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