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Pizza Pilgrims FB oven in a Piaggio Ape

May 02, 2012Posted by Forno Bravo

This starts with a photo from the good people at Slice: Serious Eats. It’s a pizza oven in a Piaggio Ape, a classic Italian three-wheel mini truck. You see these things puttering all over the place in Tuscany. They don’t go very fast, but they have a big payload in the back. I’ve seen entire vineyards of grapes driven from the field to the winery in a Piaggio Ape (Ape is Italian for bee). By the way, Vespa is Italian for wasp. That said, they are very (very) slow, and you really don’t want to get stuck behind one on a windy road somewhere outside Reggello.

I really love what they have done with this little three wheeler. But wait…

After enjoying this for a few seconds, I thought, “wait a minute. I recognize that oven”. A little bit of Web research later, I can confirm that yes, it is, in fact, a Forno Bravo oven. So for me, this is a doubly wonderful story. A great portable pizza oven AND a Forno Bravo customer making lots of people really happy.

Here is a photo from the Pizza Pilgrims web site. I recognize that oven. πŸ™‚

Click here to learn more about the Pizza Pilgrims, located in London. If you ever try one of their pizzas, write to us and let me know how they are doing.

What a kick. πŸ™‚


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