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Aug 13, 2005Posted by Forno Bravo


Fired up: Backyard brick ovens put pizza into a new perspective

Saturday, August 13, 2005

By Gretchen McKay, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

California-based Forno Bravo is among a handful of U.S. companies that sell authentic Italian pizza ovens. Their modular line can be installed either by the homeowner or a professional builder and ranges in size from a 31 1/2-inch round cooking surface to a larger oval. Prices start at $1,750, plus shipping.

The company also has a selection of pre-assembled ovens that can be set in place, finished and fired. Cost: $2,950 to $7,450. All of them give the homeowner enough space to bake several pizzas or loaves of bread at one time or to cook roasts along with platters of vegetables.

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