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More Fabulous Photos from the Forno Bravo 2023 Photo Contest

Nov 30, 2023Posted by Forno Bravo

With so many wonderful entries from our recent Forno Bravo Photo Contest, we couldn’t stop sharing at just the top 3! (Click here to see the winning entries) Keep scrolling to see more spotlights on these beautiful wood and gas fired pizza ovens builds, and some of the delicious food that has been made in them. These owners are really passionate about their ovens! You can read the fun stories that they submitted with their photos here as well. …Enjoy!

Jeffrey B. – Casa2G 90 Kit – Florida

The red tile finish sparkles. Love the Surf and Turf too!

We love that this build was a family affair. We know the subsequent meals and celebrations sure will be too!

“Started with a Casa 36” kit. I was looking for a Vesuvio, but had no way to get it into the site location I had selected. So, I built the concrete base with my 10-year-old son. Once we did that, we used 2 lifts of floor insulation before we set the floor and dome. Once we set the dome, we added steel framing to shape the dome, filled it with insulation, added insulating concrete, and tiled it. Oven makes great pizza, surf and turf, and bbq!”

The Build Process is well underway in these photos.

Enrique C. – Napolino 70 – Florida

Enrique’s comments were short and sweet. He simply wrote to tell us, “I love my oven.👍” (His chicken dish looks amazingly good!)

Before lighting and with full fire.

Full patio view and delious baked chicken.

Mike O. – Premio 100 Kit – California

Mike’s Pizza Oven

We love Mike’s sign over his oven. It’s a great way to stretch a favorite drink brand into a personal tribute.

“Built the oven in 2014, part of an outdoor bar/ mancave with pizza oven, BBQ, and Forno Bravo fireplace on the side. Love cooking pizzas and cast-iron chicken in my oven.”

Party Central!


John D. – Vesuvio 110 – Ohio

This outdoor kitchen is a gourmet’s dream.

John wrote, “Just set it up, and beginning to season it. Can’t wait for that first slice. Great looks with copper penny tiles.”

We agree! Copper penny tiles are one of our favorite custom tile options. They practically glow in the sunshine on this premium oven.

Copper Penny Tiles…Boom!

Stay tuned for more customer spotlights to come. Don’t forget you can send us pictures and stories of your special oven HERE.


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