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Hosting a Safe (and Low-Cost) Memorial Day Party

May 27, 2021Posted by Forno Bravo

If you want to throw a Memorial Day party this year on a budget, you can pull it off safely if you follow some simple guidelines and keep it small. Other ideas include: Host the gathering outside, and think about ways to light up your patio or backyard to keep the party going after dark. Save money by using homemade decorations, and remember to put out some hand sanitizer and have a hand-washing station for guests. If you choose to do a cookout, try to use ingredients that you can grow at home or find at a farmer’s market. As you prepare for the big day, Forno Bravo hopes the following resources, or those found in the cooking section of our website, will make this a memorable event, as we honor our fallen veterans and celebrate community again.

Hosting a safe party

While you want to throw a party that everyone will enjoy, you need to make sure that everyone stays safe, especially if there are any people invited who are at high risk of getting COVID-19. While we ease back into getting together, it’s important to make sure your guest list matches your available space, with room to spare! Now is not the time to pack people in, but to enjoy the pleasure of smaller, more intimate gatherings with lots of elbow room.

Plan your menu

Vesvuio Pizza Oven Chann 4

Baking in the Vesuvio with Friends

Food is arguably the most important part of your Memorial Day party. The following resources can help you put together a menu that everyone can enjoy. Pizza is always a hit and people can choose their own favorite ingredients to dress their pie. Alternately, you can use your oven’s roasting capacity to prepare chicken, flavorful vegetables, or even home-baked potato chips in advance for variety.

Prep your backyard

Cream colored stucco Primavera pizza oven peeks out from behind a lattice fence covered in greenery

Enjoying the New Green and a Primavera70

If it’s been a while since you’ve addressed the state of your backyard, you’ll definitely want to get that taken care of before your first guest arrives. No one is expecting perfection, but tidying up the winter detritus and a little spring pruning will help make the area feel welcoming and fresh. It is also good to think about your area in terms of zones (eating/playing/visiting/etc.) and providing conversation corners.

 Keep the fun going after dark

Black Metal Firepit in Foreground - Stone Enclosed Casa 110 Pizza Oven with Fire Burning and Metal Doors Open in the Background

Fire, Fire Burning Bright in this Casa110 and Matching Firepit by Ted K.

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you have to pack it up and call it a night. Here are a few ideas to help keep the party going. important Note: If you do opt to add a firepit, be sure to create a safe area around it to keep flames and sparks away from the house and combustibles!


You can pull off an incredible Memorial Day or “any day” gathering if you follow these tips and resources. Keep it small, turn to your vegetable garden or farmer’s market for recipes, host it outside, and come up with fun yard game ideas that will keep your friends playing well into the night.


Article written and contributed by Aimee Lyons

Featured Image by Unsplash



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