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Happy Holiday Season

Dec 07, 2012Posted by Forno Bravo

Happy Holidays from everyone at FB. Living on the left coast near the ocean has its pluses and minuses. As I look out over a warm day and blue sky (and think about going for a run at lunch), I can’t help but think about our relatives in the UK and our daughter in Boston — who are seeing real winter this year. On the other hand, we’ve been here in Monterey country for five years and I still can’t quite get over the lack of real seasons. Our local area is covered with Monterey Pines (of course), Live Oak and Cypress trees, and very few (almost no) deciduous trees, so it’s always green. Never red or orange, and never bare. In the days after our monster Pacific storms blow through you can barely tell which season it is by just looking out the window. So I guess it’s hard to complain about the weather when it’s so nice.

We often talk about how the best weather is in Florence. That part of Italy gets four real seasons — freezing in the winter and very hot summers; and just as you are getting tired of the heat or cold, you can feel the season starting to change. You never get bored, and there is some rainfall throughout the year.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday shopping season as well. We are getting lots of phone calls and Internet orders for pizza ovens, oven accessories at Forno Bravo, and I think we’re doing a good job of keeping up. If you don’t get connected straight through to a sales agent, please bear with us. If you are looking to have one of our smaller, pre-assembled ovens shipped in time for Christmas, but sure to let our salespeople know, and we can work with you to see if it’s still possible. Don’t forget that you will need to cure your oven before doing any cooking, so roasting your Christmas turkey might not be possible at this point. But pizza for New Year’s Eve sounds pretty darn good.

Again, happy holidays to you and yours. It’s a wonderful time of year. Enjoy.



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