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Caring for Business while Caring for Community

May 19, 2020Posted by Forno Bravo

As we continue to ride the waves of change, we would like to honor some of our customers and friends on the commercial side as well. These are local businesses and professionals who are expanding their efforts to find new ways to stay open, as well as to fill the needs they see within their communities. 

Specifically, let us introduce you to ShadowView Brewing who used their wood fired oven to bake and sell fresh bread, when it was in short supply during the early days of the shutdown; Chef Damien Polizzi of Original Italian Pizza who used his home Toscana110 to make and serve pizza to first responders and other front line workers; and Terramar Brewing and Distilling, which, like many restaurants, pivoted on a dime to switch to a full pick up and delivery model for their food, but also served as a clearing house for free staples, like potatoes, that were donated by a local farmer for community pick up as well. 

These businesses, and so many others like them, are our heroes and will be yours as well! They have turned both good business and good community caring  into a beautiful art form.

ShadowView Brewing

ShadowView Brewing in Woodstock, IL opened their doors in 2018, but head brewer, Mark Koziol has been part of the craft-brewing movement since 1988 – way before craft brewing was even a thing. Mark and his brother, John wanted to create an Irish pub with delicious food, local craft beer, and a place where friends could gather and celebrate life. They chose a large, commercial Modena wood and gas fired oven to help them produce great pizza and other foods for their customers.

beer glasses-modena gas oven

ShadowView Brewing combines great beer and food in one place

When the shutdowns in response to COVID-19 hit in March, John and Mark looked around and tried to see where the holes were for people in their town. Grocery stores quickly ran out of basics, like bread, as people got ready to spread a whole lot more time at home. The team at ShadowView looked at their large oven and thought, “Why not?” They shifted gears slightly and began baking loaves of fresh bread in batches for sale to the community. It was a hit and became a popular addition to their on-going takeout menu. Providing a quality product that people truly need is a win-win for everyone!

Bread in oven-bread in tray

Fresh bread is best!

Most recently, they partnered with McHenry County’s “Project Front Line.” They converted their pizza prep line over to sandwich prep, and prepared and delivered 105 nutritious meals to the staff at a local hospital, and 2 immediate care centers. (Project Front Line takes donations from residents and businesses in the community, partners with local restaurants, and has now made over 59 group deliveries to those who are caring for the sick and vulnerable during this pandemic.) We appreciate that ShadowView Brewing is thinking outside of the box to be part of the solution and help out those around them. Good job team!

Tri-pic of sandwich line and delivery

Lunch time for Project Front Line!

Chef Damien Polizzi

Chef Damian Polizzi is the owner of Original Italian Pizza in Tyrone, PA. He’s also the proud owner of a Toscana 110 wood and gas fired oven at his home. It is custom painted with artistic tile details and is a cornerstone of his outdoor kitchen and entertaining area. He frequently uses it to cook for family and friends.

Toscana pizza oven in outdoor kitchen

Kitchen Central at the Polizzi Home

As the COVID-19 quarantine has extended on, Chef Damien wanted to reach out and support his community’s First Responders in Sewell, NJ in a special way.  So, he set up a delivery at the park (with good social distancing,) and got cooking! First, he cranked out a big batch of his dough recipe, especially tailored for his home oven. Next, he organized his topping line, then fired up his Toscana. With creative pizzas and lots of gratitude all around, this pizza delivery was a big effort and very appreciated by the officers!

Dough balls-2 finished pizzas

Getting ready for the big run!

Chef Damien shared with us, “Your oven has changed our lives. Great focal point, conversation piece, and highly functional. Took me 30 minutes to pump out 15 pies!” Now, that’s a home-based production line and equipment that was put to good use! Thanks Chef for stepping up to help the helpers.

Check out this video of the fun event!

Terramar Brewing and Distilling

Chris and Jennifer Barker opened Terramar Brewing and Distilling in 2019 in Edison, WA (just east of the San Juan Islands in the Pacific NW.) Their vision is inspired by both the Land [Terra] and Sea [Mar] that surround Edison. They focus on using ingredients cultivated by Skagit Valley’s passionate farmers in the pizza, food, beers, and ciders. They consider themselves fortunate to live in an area where they can source most of their malt, fruit, veggies, and meat locally and have created quite the gathering space in their small artist’s town!

Pizzaiola-Napoli120-Pizza in oven

Working the kitchen – Salmon & Artichoke Heart Pizza made in a Napoli120

When the current shut down took effect, they shifted to pickup and delivery service only instead of closing. This sounds easy on paper, but actually requires a Herculean effort for restaurants and bars to pivot so quickly! Then, in a case of small businesses helping each other, Connor Ryan, the managing partner at  Jerry Smith Chevrolet Kia of Burlington, a nearby car dealership, stepped in to cover delivery costs for the first 6 weeks of the transition and even generously loaned them a car to make the deliveries with! Wow!

In turn, Terramar partnered with Feed the Front Lines, a NW effort to support small businesses and to provide food to the staff at places like Peacehealth United General Hospital and other medical facilities, as well as to the National Guard members serving at the local food bank, and other first responders. Terramar’s Napoli120 was the perfect oven to turn out the needed pies.

2 girls delivering pizza-national guardsmen eating pizza

Amanda Triggs headed the Terramar Delivery Team for “Feed the Front Lines”

They also served as a drop station and pickup location for a huge tote of potatoes from local farmer, Tony Breckenridge. When grocery supplies were tight in the first weeks of the pandemic, Tony provided the potatoes, and folks could bring a bag and take what the needed. They got scooped right up!

tri pic of full and empty potato tote

The Terramar Great Potato Pick Up of 2020 was a hit!

Wood Fired Pizza is a key comfort food, and when it is prepared in a fresh and healthy way, and then served with a smile (that you can see even through a mask,) it goes a long way to feed the bellies and boost the moral of families across a community like Edison. Bravo Terramar!

Man in mask presenting pizza

Artisan pizza and service with a smile from the Terramar team!


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