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5 Custom Outdoor Kitchen Designs with Pizza Ovens

Apr 27, 2023Posted by Forno Bravo

Cooking, dining, and entertaining in an outdoor kitchen is a beautiful (and popular) way to enjoy food, nature, and people. If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, there are many different designs and styles to choose from. In this blog, we’ll explore five custom outdoor kitchen designs to inspire you. They all include a wood fired oven as a featured element. So, whether you’re a pizza lover, or just looking to add a unique culinary piece to your outdoor cooking space, these designs are sure to inspire you. Let’s dive in and explore these stylish outdoor kitchen ideas that can be adapted to fit any budget!

1. Modern Chromatic Artistic Design (By Patrick Mokris)

Oven: Napolino70

Great venting for this grill, smoker, and pizza oven combination kitchen space.

Handy wood storage, plus a sink, prep area, fridge, and storage are all included.

Patrick had a 20′ space between the house and the patio that they transformed into this gorgeous, modern galley kitchen.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Combination Kitchen (By West Coast Landscape of San Diego)

Oven: Custom tiled Casa100 in the Vesuvio model style

The outdoor part of the kitchen features a pizza oven and bbq.

Looking from the inside to the outside with guest seating at the bar top (and keg tap) in the middle.

View of the “indoor” portion of the kitchen, food preparation area, and seating space.

Love the rounded base of the wood fired oven. It really accents the oven’s shape.

3. Mediterranean-Style Al Fresca Outdoor Kitchen (By Clifton Weir)

Oven: Casa2G90 Kit

This beautiful backdrop and landscaping transports us straight to Tuscany.

Convenient tool and peel placement.

Handy wood storage and a shaped finish on the dome sets the kitchen’s tone.

Yellow stucco oven-outdoor kitchen-terraces

Love how the sink, fridge, grill, and storage are integrated into the design.

Pre-plan your counters and prep space. They are much easier to install at the beginning of the project.

4. Covered Kitchen Design (by Buck Randazzo)

Oven: Casa2G Gas Fired Kit

Love the artistic tile backsplash.

Beautifully integrated prep area.

Front view of the wood and gas-fired oven – Note how it is vented through the roof.

Planning and installing the counters and dining area.

Great visibility of the cooking area, plus, a guest-approved conversation space, with fabulous light fixtures for evening parties.

5. Open Floor Plan with Partial Cover (By William Snow)

Oven: Casa2G80

Separated bar area (mobile) for appetizers and a cocktail hour while the oven heats (Kitchen build was still in progress, but the oven installation was complete.)

Custom peal rack to keep his tools handy.

Plenty of prep space and an extra stove/grill area for making side dishes.

Movable seating for guests to watch the action, with a partial cover over the cooking zone. William’s next step was to add additional lighting to the space.

Bonus Kitchen Layout and Accent Ideas

1. Oven: Casa2G80 Kit – Corner Kitchen

Owner: Vebija Spahiu

Love the corner layout of this kitchen to maximize the space and minimize the movement between stations.

2. Oven: Vesuvio110 – Double Counters

Owner: Dennis Landaal

Dennis’ parties tend to be interactive, so he built dual counters for better prep/service flow, with the dining area away from the traffic zone. The counter on the right is doubled sided for even faster food prep, and better guest participation.

Setting up the topping options for the Mac and Cheese party. (The additional water feature in the background adds even more to the soothing ambiance.)

“Baked Mac and Cheese Party” – cooking in little cast iron skillets. Forno Bravo Pizza Ovens make so much more than just pizza!

3. Oven: Casa2G110  – Indoor Kitchen

Owner: Lilly from Alberta, Canada

Pizza ovens can be installed completely indoors as well for the ultimate in convenience, and easy access to all of your supplies!

To see more examples of kitchens and wood fired pizza oven installations, check out our Customer Spotlight Section on the website!


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