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Front and back views of stone pizza oven

2019 Photo Contest Extension and Preview– A Sampler of Pictures and Stories

Jul 23, 2019Posted by Forno Bravo

Our 2019 Photo Contest deadline has been extended, but still ends soon. The new ending date is: Monday, July 29th, 2019. We have been so impressed with the images and stories we have received so far, that we couldn’t wait to share a few with you as a preview. *Please note, these are in no particular order and do not a necessarily represent a winning entry. They are simply a sample for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t forget, you can still enter for a chance to win this year’s bragging rights AND a Tuscan Grill ($55 Value – Grand Prize.) Enter your photos by CLICKING HERE. The winner will be announced in our August, 2019 edition of the Wood Fired Newsletter, coming soon!

Photos and Stories

Premio2G100 Pizza Oven with Gas – contributed by Walter P., VA

“This project started out with the desire to have a wood fired oven in my new kitchen addition. Once I had it all set up I started to think that it may take up a little too much counter space, so thought I’d build it in the yard. I then thought that I may as well have a fireplace and Argentine style fire grill too, and what about covering it so I can play in the rain? The project took on a life of its own, and I ended up with this cool, 14th-century design, post and beam, copper roof shelter over my Forno Bravo. It is spectacular and everyone who sees it wants one! My house was built in 1630 and everyone who sees the outdoor pavilion for the first time says, “that was always there, right?””

Covered kitchen - brick pizza oven

Premio100 Modular Kit with a Brick Finish

Vesuvio110 Pizza Oven with Gas – contributed by Steven L. – NY

“My backyard isn’t even done yet, and I fired up the oven this weekend for the first time anyway. Ran the gas for a few hours as my preheat, then I turned it off and did wood. Was unbelievable! The next day I got the oven back up to temp with wood in just 1 hour. The versatility is unmatched. I cooked whole eggplants right on the hearth, followed by pizzas, and then wings.”

Tiled Oven with Logo

Custom Tiled Vesuvio110 with Gas

Custom Oven (Pompeii-style) 36″ x 48″ Interior – contributed by Maria, N., MA

“I was inspired by all the generous bake oven builders and the online community (Forum) who helped me make my dreams come true. For years I studied a million photos and read everything I could about hand building a bake oven. I’m inspired by all the cooks in history who fed their families in the bake oven, and I’m moved to be able to carry on that tradition. I love everything about my oven, especially the way it HUMS with the power of the fire inside. I love the huge bulk of it, and the recycled marble and handmade brick that it is made from.”

Stone oven structure-tool-bread

Pompeii-style, Custom Brick Pizza Oven

Casa90 Modular Pizza Oven Kit- contributed by Clayton T., CA

“Our Forno Bravo Casa-90 oven is a focal point for our back-patio area.It inspires me to challenge my cooking limitations and try new things. So far, it’s been wood fired pizza and chuck roasts. But we have a vision of doing breads and hopefully oven-cooked steaks, fish and Mediterranean recipes in the future.

The most heartfelt appreciation I have for the Forno Bravo oven is that it brings family and friends together. When it’s pizza night, the warmth of the oven and the goodness that comes out of it is the formative inspiration of many conversations and candid moments of love, life, and happiness. ”

casa wood fired pizza oven-fire in oven

Casa90 with a simple stone and stucco exterior that can hold a raging fire within!

Premio2G110 Modular Pizza Oven Kit- contributed by James B., MO

“Introducing the Pizza Parthenon! Wanted to match the stone of the house so builder and I came up with this design which is kind of Greek, hence the Parthenon.

Built in late 2014, we’ve been enjoying all the fun that comes with family and friend pool side or fireside pizza parties. We’ve even donated parties to charity auctions and they’ve been a huge hit. Great product and lifestyle enhancer!”

Front and back views of stone pizza oven

This Premio2G110 was finished in stone to match the house. The family dubbed it the the “Pizza Parthenon” for its shape and column details.




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