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Forno Bravo Showroom

The New Forno Bravo Showroom

Mar 14, 2013

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our new office and factory at 251 W. Market St in Salinas, CA. We have come a long way in 9+ years (I can still remember meeting customers at our first small warehouse in Windsor, CA), and we have lots more planned in the months ahead. Here is a photo of our new Forno Bravo showroom — the colors are really nice, and... Read More

Woo Fired Newsletter March 2013

March 2013 | No. 48; Spring Fever & Sourdough Pizza Dough

Mar 13, 2013

Welcome to out Wood-Fired Newsletter March 2013. Spring is upon us, and this is such an exciting time of the year. (Yes, even though winter temps are having difficulty letting go of parts of the country, spring will arrive at some point!) It’s the ideal time for finally taking the plunge and buying or building your own backyard oven. You’ll be all set to enjoy the warmer weather with a... Read More

terracotta bakeware

Brick Oven Painting on Spanish Ceramics

Mar 13, 2013

We spent our spring break in Spain this year (it’s always early because of our daughter’s school schedule). It was seriously cold, but the food, the countryside and the people were great. We started in Madrid, and drove through Toledo and Cuenca to the Costa Blanca, where my wife’s parents retired many years ago. It was great reviving some fond memories from the past, and I got to enjoy a... Read More

Brussel Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts With Oven Roasted Meyer Lemons

Mar 05, 2013

Brussels sprouts and citrus are a great combination, and Meyer lemons are one of the true treasures of the heirloom citrus season. These extremely fragrant, sweet-sour little devils are a marvel of the citrus family, best enjoyed whole: zest, pith, flesh, juice and all. This extremely simple dish is not really even a recipe, just a perfect, delicious pairing that everyone should enjoy while Meyers are around. Brussels Sprouts With... Read More



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