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We are the Champions

Nov 15, 2012

Forno Bravo won the Salinas Softball League Championship last night. Wahooo!!! Our office manager played Division I baseball in college, so that helped, but it took the whole team. The championship game was 25-5. I’m really proud of the guys (and the sales and admin gals who were there cheering and taking photos). One note to a couple of our competitors who continue to tell customers that we really don’t... Read More

Helping Hurricane Sandy Victims Through Pizza

Nov 14, 2012

This story really makes me feel good. I received an email and a photo today from Joseph Pergolizzi, the owner of The Fire Within, our partner in the mobile catering oven market. We’ve worked with Joseph for years, and he was in California just a few weeks ago at FB Expo, where he did a great job of overseeing the cooking and hands-on demo’s. Joseph was originally from the east... Read More

Be Happy, Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Nov 13, 2012

This is something to be shared. From The Baseline Scenario, one of my favorite economics blogs, three economists have done scientific research that definitively correlates happiness with eating five to seven servings of fruit and vegetables a day. They even control things that might mask the impact of just eating fruits and vegetables, such as education, health, religion, income, etc., and the veggie eating group is still happier. I think... Read More


Five Pounds of Sugar in a Three Pound Bag (or Loaf Pan)

Nov 12, 2012

I’ve been having a mismatch between my desire to use Baker’s Percentages in grams and American loaf pans. Baking in grams is one of the best things to ever happen to me. OK, that might be an exaggeration, but it’s still a big deal. Weighing everything on a digital scale eliminates measuring cups and measuring spoons, it’s faster, it’s more accurate and there isn’t anything to clean up afterward. What... Read More

wood-fired newsletter november 2012

November 2012 | No. 44; Terracotta Bakeware & Mussels With Chorizo

Nov 10, 2012

Welcome to out Wood-Fired Newsletter November 2012   We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks to all who shared photos and recipes from their holiday meals. It’s always nice to see those Forno Bravo ovens in action! Now, as many of us turn our focus to making gift lists and shopping, let me pass this thought along: There’s never been a better time to purchase a wood-fired oven... Read More


Chocolate Color Baguettes

Nov 08, 2012

Back to baguettes and color. These have an almost chocolate color, and they lack that nice golden glow that I like in a baguette. It must be something to do with oven temperature and caramelization. These used the same Central Milling AP flour that I used in a batch of baguettes a few weeks ago, and I did a pre-ferment overnight in the refrigerator. So many variables. These we OK,... Read More

home baked bread

The Accidental Brick

Nov 07, 2012

Not the construction kind. The bread kind. I have been on a pretty roll for the past month or so with by bread baking. We haven’t had to buy and bread from the store, and everybody is really happy. It’s interesting how quickly you lose your taste for store bread (even the good stuff) after you have been enjoying home baked bread for an extended period of time. I am... Read More

Pizza Oven as Bun Warmer

Nov 05, 2012

Over the years, we have (rightfully) been poking fun at one of our competitors in the commercial pizza oven market who are located in the great Northwest. They sell a good number of ovens, but on closer examination you see that most of their ovens go to chain restaurants and hotels who don’t really know how to use a real pizza oven. They use them to reheat pre-made pizzas and... Read More

ricotta gnudi

Ricotta Gnudi With Roasted Cabbage and Marconi Peppers

Nov 05, 2012

  This recipe requires some patience and planning, because the gnudi take three days to make. Before you run for the hills, I should clarify: The gnudi take about 10 minutes to make – they’re really easy – but three days before they’re ready to use. So plan ahead, and your foresightedness will be rewarded. In case you’re asking yourself what in the world a gnudi is, a quick explanation... Read More



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