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Kitchen Sink Bread

Jul 31, 2012

It was one of those moments where you have lots of odds and ends of things lying around — so I made them into bread. It’s quite a list, but it came out nicely. Here goes: 300 grams whole wheat flour 600 grams white whole wheat flour 100 grams AP flour 30 grams honey 30 grams olive oil 30 grams molasses 10 grams yeast 20 grams salt 50 grams flax... Read More

Embers Wood Fired Pizza Hits the Road

Jul 31, 2012

We received a really nice note from the guys at Embers Wood Fired Pizza in Steamboat Springs CO — and I wanted to share it with you. Hi, My name is Adam Mackey. I purchased an oven from you (casa2g100) about 5 months ago, mounted it on a trailer, and have started a mobile wood fired oven catering company, “Embers Wood Fired Pizza” in Steamboat Springs, CO. I am curious... Read More

zucchini and roasted red pepper pizza

Zucchini and Roasted Red Pepper Pizza With White Wine Cream Sauce

Jul 31, 2012

First off, I need to give credit where it’s due: The idea for this pizza is lifted from Pizza Orgasmica in San Francisco. When my wife and I lived in the Bay Area, the Ecstasy, as it’s called on their menu, was our favorite pie of theirs, and it led me to mess around with creating a white wine cream sauce recipe so I could mimic it at home. I... Read More

Steaks and Broccoli

Jul 30, 2012

Hey, it’s summer. I need to be sharing more photos of some of the fun stuff I’ve been doing in my ovens. Yes, I have yet another prototype for a potential new oven, and it’s been a lot of fun getting to know a new oven. It’s too early to say anything about the oven itself, but I’m getting quite a little collection here! One funny side note. We live... Read More

The Damp Towel Trick

Jul 30, 2012

Follow a tip from a reader, I covered my dough for overnight proofing in the refrigerator — and it worked really well. Thanks. I don’t really like using plastic wrap (it just seems wasteful to use a manufactured product once and throw it away), so I used a damp linen towel. It kept the surface of my dough from developing a dry skin and because it was damp, it didn’t... Read More

Cuisinart Mixer and Wet Dough

Jul 27, 2012

Hmmm. We seem to have a problem. My new Cuisinart stand mixer doesn’t do a good job of mixing high hydration dough. I have been trying different solutions to address the problem (adding the water first, mixing the flour and water using the dough attachment before turning on the machine), but I can’t see to make it work. This isn’t good. Here is a photo of a 1Kg batch of... Read More

The New Napoli Ad

Jul 26, 2012

We are going to be running a new ad for our wonderful Napoli oven in Pizza Today and PMQ (commercial pizzeria trade publications) in the coming months. Read More

Bittersweet — a Portable FB Pizza Oven for Sale

Jul 25, 2012

This is from It’s a Forno Bravo Modena oven mounted on a trailer for sale in Georgia. The owner is going to be focusing on his new brick-and-mortar restaurant and is selling his trusty trailer oven — after many successful events. The owner is also offering coaching and help getting going in the portable wood-fired catering world. Happy and sad. I have a Forno Bravo Modina 120 mounted on... Read More

Heat Retention

Jul 24, 2012

You will certainly take this with a grain of salt (after all, we are a pizza oven manufacturer), but these ovens are great! The heat up time and retention is so good, I just have to say something. haha. I lit the fire at 3:15PM this afternoon after stacking a nice top down fire with two pieces of wood broken down into thinner splits. After the fire was really burning... Read More



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