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outdoor kitchen layout

outdoor kitchen layout

outdoor kitchen layout

The same principle that work with your indoor kitchen also apply to outdoor kitchen design. Be sure to allow ample preparation areas for setting and working with your pizzas and other food, while making sure there is a good workflow space between related areas. For example, make sure the chef and access food, prep areas, the sink and the oven, without having to walk through the bar, or eating area. Consider creating a traditional work triangle between you oven, work surface and sink.

Also, remember that your guest will want to watch you cook, and possibly even help. Try creating a dining bar areas where guests can see the oven and the grill -- without getting in the way.

Here are some popular Outdoor Kitchen layout ideas, and a couple of special ones. Check out the Pizza House.

Corner Oven

Traditional Grill Island

Traditional L Kitchen

Corner Bar

Bar Across

Island Across