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Plan B

Getting your kids to eat well (and helping them come to understand on their why it is so important) is one of the most important things we do as parents. But it isn’t easy.

I’ve been blogging about how to make healthy bread that is good enough so that the family actually eats it. Recently I have been pulling back from my hearty whole grain, seed and nut loaves in an attempt to make my bread popular. By my fear is that whole wheat fatigue is setting in. For example, our second daughter runs high school cross country, and she comes home tired and hungry in the afternoons. But right now, I can’t convince her to eat my whole wheat toast and peanut butter (which is something that I do).

Time for Plan B. Subterfuge. First, I am going to use a loaf pan for a while. A traditional shaped loaf just seems less rustic. Second, I am making a seriously non-challenging formula of 75% white whole wheat flour and 25% AP flour, along with 3% honey and 71% water.

Hopefully, I can make something that does scare away the natives, but is still pretty healthy. If this works, over time I can keep moving the line little by little until everyone likes my serious whole grain loaves.

We’ll see.