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Peppers Roasted Over Wood

Mark Bitman of the NY Times is one of my favorite writers on any topic, and I have enjoyed seeing his transition from being a pure food columnist as “The Minimalist”, to being a columnist in the editorial department writing about our food supply and food policy.

At the same time, he is still doing great stuff with recipes. Here is a link to today’s How to To Everything column: Great Roasted Peppers: First, Get a Pile of Wood.

Mark Bitman/NY Times

I make roasted peppers many ways: with a fork over a gas flame, as I did 44 years ago (a silly method, unless maybe you are doing only one); in an oven or gas grill (efficient, but imperfect); in a broiler (better); and over charcoal, which is the best way, unless you have (as I did last week) actual wood.

A Tuscan grill in a pizza oven is a great way to roast peppers; though I have to admit the Mr. Bitman is a much better chef than I am. I burned my peppers in our pizza oven last summer on vacation.