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More on Pizza Ovens and Innovation

The fishermen takes time to repair his nets, and lumberjacks always needs to carve out (see what I did there?) the time to sharpen their axes. So, what does a pizza oven manufacturer do during the rare quiet moment in the winter? We invest in our tooling. We are always developing new manufacturing tools and methods, and we’ve been particularly active this winter. Do you remember the early Lexus car commercials — the ones with the marble running along the perfect joints between the car panels? Forno Bravo is working harder than ever to improve the “fit and finish” of our ovens. Our interlocking oven design has always made it easy (and obvious) to correctly and accurately assemble our oven (this is important because many of our competitor’s ovens use simple butt joints, where it is really difficult to figure out whether the oven is pushed together properly), and we are improving our tooling to make those edges and joints even better.

Plus, starting in 2013, the Forno Bravo oven doors will be manufactured using a CNC (computer number controlled) laser cutting machine from 3D CAD drawings. This is really cool, and it means that our doors will be more accurate than ever.

Meanwhile, we’re busy moving to our new facility (more on that to come), but taking a break for the holiday season. Happy holidays to you and your family.