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The (Nearly Final) Pizza Oven Contest Photos

We have posted the web pages on with the submitted photos for the Winter 2013 photo contest! There are still a few days to go for submissions, and we are still getting more photos — so keep ‘em coming. We are getting some nice pictures from our community in the north.

Click here to see the photos page.

We’ll be picking the finalists and posting the poll where you can vote soon.



Pizza Oven Photos!

We just posted three new web pages of pizza oven photos on (about 40 pix), and there are some beautiful ovens. If you are just starting to design your own oven or outdoor kitchen, and you are looking for inspiration — this is the place to go. Click on Residential Ovens and it will take you to the new pictures.

The Forno Bravo Photo Journal

Or, if you already have your own pizza oven, and you are looking for a good excuse to do something creative, we will be announcing a new Forno Bravo photo contest in the next couple of days; in the December edition of the Wood-Fired Newsletter. The competition is open to everyone; well, everyone with a pizza oven. Your oven doesn’t have to be new, but your photo does. So if you have a wonderful photo of your pizza oven that you have never sent to us — send it. If you have already sent us all of your photos, then you can take new pictures of your oven and send those. The contest is officially for the best “photograph”, not the best “pizza oven”. Let’s get some really nice snow photos!

Stay tuned for the details of the contest. Meanwhile, you can send your photo entry to, and will be be sure to keep track of it.