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Pain Pauline at Trader Joe’s

Pain Pauline

Trader Joe’s is like the Wells Fargo Wagon from the musical the Music Man (sorry for the arcane reference). You never know what is going to be new (or which of your favorites has been phased out). Anyway, I was bemoaning the lack of a whole wheat sourdough option at our local Trader Joe’s in Pacific Grove, CA just a while back, but today there was Pain Pauline. A clear play on the famous Pain Poilane from Paris. I’m not sure how it compares with Pain Pascale, but it sure looks similar.

As I noted before, this a nice miche in the traditional French style, and while it doesn’t really compare with the real Pain Poilane, it’s good. Of course it does not compare with a homemade sourdough miche, either in terms of taste or in the smug sense of well-being you get from making your own bread, but then in the past couple of weeks since I got my sourdough culture going, I’ve decided to become a bread snob. haha.

I really like the list of ingredients:

List of Ingredients

Leave it to Trader Joe’s. Now they just need to keep it in stock. Maybe everyone should email TJ’s and tell them to never stop selling it.

Pain Pauline