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Baguette Flipping Board

Watching Ciril Hitz’ wonderful video on baguette shaping and baking, I quickly saw the answer to one of my long-standing questions. For years, I have done my best stretching, folding and shaping my baguettes, only to get a little confused and frustrated about ruining their shape as I moved the loaves from my linen couch to the peel.

But there in the video is my answer. The baguette slipping board. You use it to load the baguette onto the board by flipping it seam side (bottom) up, and then moving it on to the peel by flipping it back seam side down. And the shape of your baguette remains perfect—or at least as perfect as it was when you started.

A quick Google search revealed that a typical baguette flipping board is roughly 4″ wide x 27″ long, and quite thin; perhaps 1/4″. You can buy a baguette flipping board for about $26 from a couple of sources, including shipping to California.

Ah, but today I was already going to Home Depot to buy plants, so I decided to swing through the wood department to see what they had. As good luck would have it, they stock 3 1/2″ x 24″ x 1/4″ popular and oak—for less than $4. I knew I had some sandpaper in garage, as well as linseed oil for my cutting boards, so that was that. I sat in the sun for a couple of minutes after planting my new plants, and sanded the corners and edges nice and smooth, coated my board of couple of times with the linseed oil, and I am now looking forward to my next round of baguette baking.