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A Fun New Package for our Wonderful Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We have been importing a wonderful cold-pressed, 100% Tuscan extra virgin olive oil directly from the source — the farm in Bagno a Ripoli, just south of Florence, Tuscany for many years. The farm has been family-run for generations, and they own everything — the land, the trees and a traditional, mechanical stone mill, and they do everything — pruning the trees, harvesting the olives and pressing the olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil is incredible.

Today, we are announcing a fun, new package for that olive oil — a bottle-shaped 750ml canister. It’s really cool. It’s nice enough for you to keep it on the counter, and even put it on your dining table. At times, it seems as though most olive oil producers follow the perfume model, putting their premium oils in ever more expensive bottles. The problem is that much of the expensive of the product ends up in the packaging, not the actual product itself.

By offering our extra virgin both a basic canister that you can decant into your own bottle, and now in a cool (but not over the top) metal “bottle”, we put our money where it matters — in the olive oil!

We feel very lucky to have made this connection, and to be able to offer this truly world-class olive oil through the Forno Bravo Store, at very reasonable prices. It is much less expensive than other ultra premium olive oils; and we think it is much better. The oil is wonderful; full bodied, fruity and flavorful, with a hint of pepper and spice.