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Wood-Fired Pizza and Camping

Wood-fired pizza might not be quite as familiar around the campsite as smores, but maybe we are going to change that. We received a couple of fun photos from a Forno Bravo community member today, and looking a little more closely, you can see that this appears to be a public campground. What a great idea.

This is a Pompeii oven build, and I can visualize more publicly accessible wood-fired ovens going up across the country — in parks, community centers, churches, campgrounds, community farms, etc. It’s  like a barn raising, except in the end you get to eat some great pizza.

One last thought. In Italy there is an extensive network of Agriturismo’s, which are typically farms that rent out spare rooms to vacationers. The system has been very successful, in that is has almost single handedly kept a large number of small, family-owned farms in business (some people even give the system credit for saving the Tuscan countryside), and it gives us travelers an up-close and personal view into Italian country life. We have stayed in quite a few Agriturismo’s over the years, and many of them have wood-fired pizza ovens where they cook for you, and some even let you use the oven on your own.

We need more of this!