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A Brief Report on Boston 2 Big Sur

It’s been a pretty odd couple of weeks. Following the events at the Boston Marathon, we were starting to settle down a little bit when we started getting security text alerts from MIT on the Thursday evening. Our daughter was fine and on the other side of campus, but her boyfriend was in the building across the street from where the shooting took place and he and a bunch of students had to be escorted back to the dorms. And then the crazy series of events long into Thursday night and Friday, and lots of time locked down at school. The memorial service for the slain MIT policeman was very moving; he was such an outstanding young man, and he was doing what he loved.

Big Sur Marathon

Then I caught the flu.

Maybe it was relief that I was feeling as I ran the last few miles of Big Sur. The crowds at the finish line were great, and I always see people I know. Then I got to hang out in the B2B tent at the finish line and talk with the other runners who did the double. Runners are a great bunch, and of course we all had the two races as a common experience. From the school bus trip to the start at 3:30AM to the post race festivities, it was an outstanding day. The weather was glorious and the headwind, while definitely present, wasn’t too bad. Well, not terrible.

I am now one of about 19 runners who have done all four B2B events.

It’s time to move on and start planning tomorrow’s crazy stunts. Ironman in late July, CIM in December and then Boston 2014. I’m getting older, but I refuse to slow down.