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Calling all Architects and Restaurant Designers (with DXF and DWG files)

We have started the process of re-publishing all of our oven drawings in CAD formats for architects and kitchen and restaurant designers — going forward our oven technical specification sheets with be available in PDF, DXF and DWG. The first models are the Modena2GFA120, 140, 160 and 180, and they are available in the the FB Library. The Modena2GOK ovens will be published shortly.


If you are an architect or designer, and you need anything additional from Forno Bravo for us to work with your plans — let us know.

This is a big step forward for us in the commercial oven marketplace. You will be seeing some additional exciting announcements from us in the commercial oven marketplace. Stay tuned.

Daily Hills and an Impending Ironman


My first Ironman is now less than three weeks away, which means that starting tomorrow I am officially tapering for the race. Which is pretty scary. First off, I don’t really like tapering in general. Cutting back on training makes you feel lethargic and heavy, and lots of athletes, myself included, get a little crazy — taper madness. I’m also a little nervous because it is starting to sink in that I have never really done any of this stuff. I have never:

Run a triathlon of any distance.
Entered a cycling race of any distance.
Partaken in a swimming event since I was six.
Ridden a bike outdoors more than 30 miles.
Actually swam 2.4 miles. Ever.
Swam in open water.

I truly am a runner taking on my first triathlon. With this in mind, I am coming up with some realistic goals, including:

1. Do not end up in the medical tent.
2. Finish with a smile on my face.
3. Everything else is icing on the cake.

On the upside, I have had a good training cycle. I’ve been training for the event for about 20 weeks, with breaks for the Boston Marathon, Big Sur Marathon, flu and a long weekend at the Ashland Shakespeare Festival. I’m averaging about 21 hours a week in training (plus core, strength and stretching), where I run roughly 70 miles and cycle 200 miles per week. I am in the best overall shape of my life (thought I have not trained for a marathon and could not go out a run a PR). I have run a lot of hills (see graph above), and my legs are feeling good about balancing running and cycling. That’s good for my old body.

Overall, I am really enjoying the experience (so far). So let’s bring on the main event. I think I’m ready.