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Brad’s South Bay Sausage Pizza with Clams

I was in the mood for a sausage pizza with milky fresh mozzarella. It would be too easy to just fire up the sausage in the oven and plop it down on the pizza and call it a day. This is Pizza Quest after all! I wanted to do something different – not just a pizza with sausage but a really good pizza that was about sausage. As you hopefully have seen on…Read More…

The Wood-Fired Meatball Pizza

The English Family pizza – the one we can always agree on when we’re out together, has always been basically a meat lovers pizza — and, for us it starts with meatballs.  This is a far under appreciated or used pizza topping.  We finish our family pizza with Canadian bacon, salami and/or sausage.  I fight for some green peppers once in a while, and get that through if the kids…Read More…

Deviled Eggs with Prosciutto

Deviled eggs were always a big deal in my family. Well, most things food related were. The unfortunate thing is that we tended to only see them show up during the holidays. It’s definitely a great party food – easy to pick one up and pop it in your mouth and swing back later and pop another in there. Repeat as often as necessary and warranted by how good they…Read More…

Recipe: Neapolitan Pizza Dough

Note from Peter: I’ve been receiving a lot of requests for a proper VPN Napoletana dough. I’ve posted this previously on the Forno Bravo site, but wanted to be sure I also made it available here on PizzaQuest — especially in light of Brad’s recent post on making Margherita pizzas in two different ovens. Enjoy!! A true Naples dough uses only flour, water, salt, and yeast. Some versions substitute sourdough…Read More…

Margherita Pizza Showdown: Wood Fire vs. Home Oven

Written By Brad English
Tuesday, 29 March 2016 Brad's Corner | Recipes

My name is Brad English and I make pizzas. I have been told by my youngest that I am “ruining pizza” for my family. Now, to be fair to myself, she’s a fickle eater! She loves my pizza when I make it her way, which is with pepperoni or salami and “regular” mozzarella, just like she can get at any of our local pizzerias. I say to her, you have…Read More…

The Marinara “Redondo” Pizza

In my house it’s only my son, Owen, and I who love seafood. When making pizzas for the family I usually make one for us – something that is “our” pizza. One of my favorites to make is just starting with a nice simple marinara with great tomatoes, thinly sliced garlic and some oregano and olive oil as the base and add whatever seafood I’ve picked up. The marinara is…Read More…

Pizza Two Ways

I make a lot of pizza. In an attempt to keep things interesting, I do a fair bit of experimenting. I’m often inspired by an ingredient I got my hands on at Whole Foods, or another local market. I was lucky enough to bring home some beautiful Prosciutto and Nduja provided by La Quercia for the Forno Bravo Wood Fired Expo back in September. With a product like this in…Read More…

Brad’s Corner: Wood-Fired Pizza/Burger

Written By Brad English
Sunday, 06 December 2015 Recipes | Written Recipes

It’s funny how ideas come together.  About a year ago, I came up with the idea to cook up a burger patty and wrap it in a pizza dough and throw it in the oven. I love burgers and I love pizza. Why not? I’d have a fresh baked bun literally wrapped around my burger. It turned out to be more of a puff ball of dough that blew up…Read More…

Brad’s Corner: Pickled Charred Chili Peppers!

Written By Brad English
Monday, 26 October 2015 Recipes | Written Recipes

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Well, of course, we all know you make lemonade! Recently, life delivered a volunteer jalapeño plant in a section of my yard that shouldn’t have been growing anything because my sprinklers are on the fritz and we’re in the middle of a drought here on the West Coast. A few weeks later, while the fire in my Primavera wood-fired oven was…Read More…

My Francis Mallmann Moment

First of all, if you haven’t watched the series, Chef’s Table, on Netflix stop reading and go watch it, especially the episode I’m about to describe. If you don’t have Netflix, sign up; this post will be here when you get back! There was a visual moment in the episode about the brilliant, iconoclastic chef, Francis Mallmann, that is never spoken about in the narration, no dialogue, but it jumped…Read More…

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