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Commercial Pizza Oven Comparison

Assembled Modena2G149 pizza oven

Assembed Modena2G140 oven.

expanded view Modena2G140 assembled oven

Exploded view Modena2G140 assembled oven.

expanded view Modena2G140 modular oven kit

Exploded view Modena2G140 modular oven kit.



We know that you have a number of choices in the market and that it can be difficult deciding which commercial pizza oven is right for your restaurant.

But what about the Other Guys? The following descriptions try to clearly explain the oven features that we think are important, and why we think they should be a part of your decision-making process.

Commercial Pizza Oven Comparison to Help You with Your Decision


1. A High-Mass, High-Density Oven Dome.

optimal dome thickness

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2. Floor Type: 2 1/2″ Firebrick Baking Tile Floor.

floor thickness

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3. High Efficiency, 100% Ceramic Insulation.

inefficient insulation 1

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4. Space Efficient Design.

inefficient insulation 2

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5. Ultra Effective Insulation Design.

insulation thickness

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6. Oven Design: Perfect Dome Height.

proper dome height

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7. Oven Design: Perfect Oven Opening Size.

proper oven opening size

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8. Oven Design: The Right Dome Configuration Choice

dome configuration choice
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9. High Temperature Baking: The Ultimate Pizza Napoletana Machine.

pizza baking temperature

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10. Gas Burner Design: Continuous 800ºF Pizza Baking.

burner design

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