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Brick Oven Insulation Efficiency #2

insulation efficiency

Brick Oven Insulation Comparison

Find below the second brick oven insulation feature to compare.


The Forno Bravo ovens use 4″ (side) – 6″ (top) ceramic blanket insulation over the oven dome and 4″ ceramic board insulation under the oven. This ultra thick, ultra efficient insulation was designed for the steel industry. Its high tech fibers and chemical composition require less space for higher efficiency ratings, meaning it retains heat inside the oven for optimal baking, while minimizing the oven footprint in the kitchen.

Low-Efficiency Insulation Wastes Space, Loses Heat

Castable insulation (clay or vermiculite mixed with Portland cement) is 50% less efficient than ceramic insulation, so that the oven needs twice as much insulation to maintain proper oven temperature. As result, the oven wastes valuable floor space in the kitchen—at a significant cost to the restaurant owner.

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