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Bob Radcliffe’s Tomato Test

Written By Bob Radcliffe
Wednesday, 21 January 2015 Guest Bloggers

Note from Peter: Many of you have read Bob Radcliffe’s entire Pizza Quest series on his search for the perfect tomato pie, and some of you have even been to his extraordinary tomato pie events at Lynch Creek Farm in rural North Carolina. You can see some of the testimonials as you read through the Comments section of his articles (most of the articles are further down on this home…Read More…

Tomato Pie, Rocky Ford, and Me, Part 7 (conclusion)

Note from Peter:  This is the final installment of Bob’s series, which has been a huge inspiration for many of us. Bob has shown that where there’s a will (and serious fire) there’s a way. Please note in the narrative below the link to Bob’s video, which was professionally filmed by a local crew for television — really terrific! And feel free to subscribe to his newsletter and stay connected…Read More…

Tomato Pie, Rocky Ford, and Me, part 6

Part Six – A “Field of Dreams” When we bought our Rocky Ford farm property in 1997, it was the culmination of a lifelong dream. We had previously restored an 1858 row house in the historic Spring Garden neighborhood of Philadelphia, but this was different — nearly 55 acres with a stream along side. We named our farm property Lynch Creek, after the stream that I found had more history…Read More…

Tomato Pie, Rocky Ford, and Me, Part 5

Written By Bob Radcliffe
Saturday, 07 June 2014 Guest Bloggers

PART FIVE – LAYERS OF FLAVOR My experiences working at Jack’s Firehouse were the most memorable of my 20 years living in Philadelphia. The deal I made with Chef Jack McDavid was simple – I would work one day a week without pay, if he would teach me three new things each shift. When I left and moved to Rocky Ford, he told me, “If you put your mind to…Read More…

Tomato Pie, Rocky Ford, and Me, Part 4

  PART FOUR – A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN I’m known for more than making Tomato Pie on my Franklin County Farm. I’ve also made an appearance of sorts on the front page of the Times – the Franklin Times that is – and the cover of Back Home Magazine (thanks to friend and writer Donna Campbell Smith). Let me explain how my ass gets on the front page! Molly,…Read More…

Tomato Pie, Rocky Ford, and Me, Part 3

Written By Bob Radcliffe
Thursday, 24 April 2014 Guest Bloggers

PART THREE:  TRY IT, YOU’LL LIKE ITLet’s talk tomatoes: Like Mikey in the old cereal TV commercial, here in the South, when it comes to tomatoes it’s often a pleading, “Try it, you’ll like it.”  That’s because down South, leafy greens and butter beans take center stage, leaving tomatoes relegated to salads and canned spaghetti sauce.  I first had to decide which tomatoes to buy. Heck, why would you buy…Read More…

Tomato Pie, Rocky Ford, and Me, Part 2

Note From Peter:  Bob’s first installment has drawn a record number of great responses, so I’m excited to offer you Part Two in his ongoing saga. We’ll keep Bob’s story going for as long as he keeps sending us his terrific writing. Enjoy!!   PART TWO.  A GOOD PIE NEEDS A GOOD CRUST. So, “what the heck is a Tomato Pie?” you ask. My seasoned reply is simply that “pizza…Read More…

Tomato Pie, Rocky Ford, and Me, Part One

Note from Peter: Bob Radcliffe is, like me, a North Carolina transplant from Philadelphia and, as you will see, also from Trenton, New Jersey, where at least two things of great historical import have occurred. The first was George Washington crossing the Delaware and turning the tide of the Revolutionary War (not an inconsequential thing). The other is the existence of DeLorenzo’s Pizzeria. Bob has regaled me with stories of…Read More…

Don Antonio by Starita opening in Atlanta

Written By Brad English
Saturday, 11 January 2014 Guest Bloggers

I haven’t been to Atlanta, where my brother lives, for quite awhile.  But, I just got word that Roberto Caporuscio is opening a new Don Antonio by Starita there.  I have been lucky enough to meet Roberto and even luckier to have eaten a number of his pizzas in NYC!  I think I now have a new excuse to go visit my family in Atlanta. I thought I would spread…Read More…

Wood + Fire

Written By Brad English
Tuesday, 10 September 2013 Guest Bloggers

What is it that makes a great pizza? I’ve been on a personal quest searching for the answers to this question for some time.  I’ve traveled and eaten more than my share of pizza.  I’ve also spent many hours slinging my own pies in and out of my home oven in all in an attempt to further understand and expand this quest.  I’d say I’ve even gotten pretty good at…Read More…

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