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Bella wood fired oven recipes

Bella wood fired oven recipes from Cookbook Author Brigit Binns

Cookbook Author, food blogger, and culinary instructor, Brigit Binns owns and operates Refugio, a culinary retreat, teaching kitchen and luxury vacation rental in Paso Robles, California, in the heart of the Central Coast wine region.  In 2015, Brigit purchased a Bella Grande 36 outdoor pizza oven and became a guest contributor for Forno Bravo’s community cookbook.  Below is a sampling of Bella wood fired recipes, every one was baked using a Bella portable outdoor pizza oven.

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Excerpts from Cookbook Author Brigit Binns recipes.

Strawberry Galette Bella wood fired oven recipe:

Is it too early to think of Spring? The dough of this galette is gorgeously butter-centric, and thus, a bit tricky to work with, so I form and bake it atop a sheet of baking parchment that can easily be slid from counter to baking peel and into the oven, then back onto a peel, and then a serving platter.

wood fired recipe strawberry galette

Strawberry Gallette

Garlic, kale, and tomato salad flatbread wood fired recipe:

If followed from start to finish, this outrageously great flatbread requires a bit of time. But I like to caramelize LOTS of garlic at once (and why wouldn’t we?), so it’s always on hand for the many deserving dishes it can elevate from the mundane to the sublime. PLUS, why not roast some kale once every week or two…

carmelized garlic roasted kale tomato flatbread wood fired recipe

Garlic, kale, tomato flatbread

Clams and sausage in fennel broth wood fired recipe:

In Italy, fasting on Christmas Eve (La Vigilia) has long been traditional. But, in an Italian-American-inspired shift, the definition of “fasting” has been changed to “no meat.” Thus, the Feast of the Seven Fishes is now the traditional meal for Christmas Eve in Italian-American households across the U.S.A.

clams and sausage fennel broth wood fired recipe

Clams and sausage in fennel broth

Roasted chicken thigh Bella wood fired oven recipe:

This dish solves several problems: One: some low-carb people are unable to exist on nothing but pizza, and demand some protein after the pies. Two: It’s hard to estimate exactly how much of each topping to have on hand…

roasted chicken thigh wood fired recipe brigit binns

Wood roasted chicken thighs

Spinach mushroom egg pie wood fired recipe:

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast! In fact, you can put an egg or two onto almost any wood fired pizza, as long as you build up a low “wall” from the other toppings, so the egg will be contained in place until it’s (just slightly) cooked. When you cut, the runny yolk will mix together with the crust, spinach, and mushrooms. Yum!

wood fired recipe spinach mushroom egg pie pizza

Spinach mushroom egg pie pizza

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