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Bella Portable Wood Fired Pizza Ovens – Stainless Steel Ovens

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Bella Portable Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Start at $2895.

The Bella portable wood fired pizza ovens are stainless steel pizza ovens manufactured in the United States by Forno Bravo in Colorado Springs, CO. These fully assembled outdoor pizza ovens are lightweight, portable, and can be set up in less than an hour.

Bella ovens are available as portable pizza oven carts, can be installed on a countertop, or used in mobile pizza oven trailers making them ideal for any outdoor kitchen. More affordable and flexible than traditional refractory or brick ovens, these lightweight portable wood fired pizza ovens are easily installed, do not require curing, and can be taken on a family vacation. 

These wonderful stainless steel pizza ovens heat up remarkably quick (15-30 minutes) and use less wood on average than a traditional brick oven. Best of all, you are going to love making Pizza Napoletana and hearth bread in these portable ovens.

Bella Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven Specifications:

  • Four sizes: 28″x24″, 32″x24″, 36″x26″, and 40″x28″ cooking floors; all with stainless steel landings;
  • You can bake 2 to 5 pizzas at a time, or 30 to 100 pizzas per hour;
  • Outdoor use only, but the 32″, 36″ and 40″ can be installed under a patio cover with a UL103HT (double wall) chimney;
  • Portable wood fired pizza ovens, no gas or charcoal;
  • Easy delivery using a lift gate — no forklift required.

Bella Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven Includes:

  • Stainless steel pizza ovens dome core with a durable red or black powder coated wrap;
  • Stainless steel cart or countertop models;
  • Stainless steel stove pipe with flue;
  • Stainless steel door;
  • Thermometer;
  • High grade ceramic cooking floor;
  • Starter tool kit with stainless steel pizza peel, and wooden pizza peel.

Optional for Bella Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven:

Bella Core Technologies:

  • Solid weld dome construction which reduces the heat distortion and warping common in cheaper, bolt-together designs;
  • 304 stainless steel material on all oven dome, landing, cart, and flue parts, allowing your oven to last for years in the wettest of climates;
  • Ultra-premium insulation, both in quality and thickness, for outstanding heat retention. Each of our stainless steel pizza ovens include a minimum of 2” of high-tech ceramic blanket dome insulation and 2” of ceramic board floor insulation;
  • High-grade ceramic floor designed specifically for this type of oven. Unlike firebrick baking stones, which require a brick oven dome with more thermal mass, these floors heat up faster, have a quick recovery time, and allow you to bake pizzas faster than competitor steel ovens;
  • Powder coated enclosure with a hammer tone finish, more rugged than cheaper imports with high-gloss finishes that wear in the sun.
Oven Cooking Surface Area (sq. in.) Heat Up (min) Pizzas (10") Shop Now
Medio28 Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven Cooking Surface: 28" x 24" Area (sq. in.): 672 Heat Up (min): 15 Pizzas (10"): 3$2,895 - $3,690
Grande32 Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven Cooking Surface: 32" x 24" Area (sq. in.): 768 Heat Up (min): 15 Pizzas (10"): 4$3,495 - $4,490
Grande36 Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven Cooking Surface: 36" x 26" Area (sq. in.): 936 Heat Up (min): 15 Pizzas (10"): 4 to 5$3,995 - $5,190
Ultra40 Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven Cooking Surface: 40" x 28" Area (sq. in.): 1120 Heat Up (min): 15 Pizzas (10"): 4 to 6$4,295 - $5,790

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All ovens include the oven, door and thermometer.

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