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Peter’s Blog: An Important New Book

Happy New Year Everyone! I want to start off 2016 by telling you all about my meeting yesterday with author Simran Sethi, who’s recently published book, “Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love,” is destined to join the books of Michael Pollan and Dan Barber as must-reads for anyone interested in biodiversity and sustainability. Her book, loaded with important information about the fragility of our ecosystem and…Read More…

Global Pizza Summit

Written By Peter Reinhart
Thursday, 17 December 2015 News | Peter's Blog | Peter's Blog

Just a quick posting here to let everyone know about the Global Pizza Summit, to be held in NYC on Jan. 11th and 12th. As part of the Summit there will also be the 2nd Annual Caputo Cup Competition for both Neapolitan (wood-fired) and American-style pizzas. I’ll be heading to NYC for the Summit, as will regular guest columnist John Arena and a whole pantheon of pizza superstars, many of…Read More…

Forno Bravo Expo, Day One, Part Two

Note from Peter: Over the next few weeks I will continue to share my thoughts and memories about the Forno Bravo Expo held in September in Salinas, CA. We left off on  Friday,the day before the Expo was opened to the public, as we gathered with the Forno Bravo folks, our Pizza Quest team, our hosts at Talbott Vineyards, and a growing cast of heroes. We pick up the story…Read More…

Forno Bravo Expo, Day One, Part One

On Friday September 18th, 2015, still buzzing from an extraordinary day of filming with Anthony Magieri at Una Pizza Napoletana, our Pizza Quest crew reassembled at Talbott Vineyards in the hill country just outside of Salinas (“Tortilla Flats” country for you Steinbeck fans), the host site for the Forno Bravo Expo. In the past, Forno Bravo has held similar gatherings but this was my first time and also the most…Read More…

A Weekend to Remember

Okay, this is going to take a few posts to do it right, so let me start here and carry on over the next few weeks: On the morning of September 17th, 2015 the Pizza Quest film team, who all converged from a number of different locations, met up at 9 AM in San Francisco for the first of four days of filming. We met at the front door of…Read More…

Peter’s Blog: New Pizza-Themed Comedy Series

Hi Everyone, I received an e-mail from Maxwell Kessler, a film and television producer, letting me know about a new TV series that he and a friend have written. They are currently raising money through an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the pilot episode and are also making a different kind of request.  Here’s an excerpt from his email: Later this month, I am producing a sitcom pilot about the friends…Read More…

Update, Slight Delay for New Webisode

Written By Peter Reinhart
Tuesday, 01 September 2015 Peter's Blog | Peter's Blog

Hi Everyone, We have a new webisode ready to post, featuring Peppe Miele, the founder of Antica Pizzeria in Los Angeles and now the culinary director for MidiCi Pizzeria, a new Napoletana pizza concept. We’ve run into some technical problems loading it to this new Pizza Quest platform but should have that worked out soon. So, if you logged on today expecting to see the webisode, so sorry, but it…Read More…

Big Expo Coming Up and You’re Invited (And Other News too)!

Hi Again, We’re starting to get things rolling here, with plans to post a whole new series of video webisodes, beginning Sept. 1st (the first series featuring an interview with Peppe Miele, the king of the VPN — Vera Pizza Napoletana), and regular posts from me, Brad, and our guest columnists. In the meantime, here’s a link to a fun and inspirational interview with Noel Brohner, a self-taught, one-time home…Read More…

Hey, I Got a Wikipedia Page

I’m back!  We’ve been getting up to speed on this new Pizza Quest platform, learning how to navigate it and post new articles, videos, photos and such. So, little by little, we’re getting there and should soon be posting on a more regular basis. In the meantime, I just wanted to let you know that Wikipedia just posted an article/biography about me, so check it out.  I know that there…Read More…

Welcome to the “New” PizzaQuest

Written By Peter Reinhart
Thursday, 23 July 2015 Peter's Blog

Hi everyone. I’ve been promising that a new PizzaQuest platform is coming and now, here at last, we’ve launched, thanks to all our friends and partners at Forno Bravo (check out their new site as well at ). We’re still tweaking things and I’m headed out for some travels, including the wonderful Kneading Conference in Skowhegan Maine (where this year I am the Keynote Speaker, check out for…Read More…

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