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Pizza Quest with guest Blaine Parker, of “Free the Pizza”

Welcome back to Pizza Quest! In this episode, I talk with Blaine Parker, the creator and host of the website Free the Pizza, a site devoted to the unending quest to make pizza in a home oven as good as those from a pizzeria. Can it be done? Blaine says yes, and has written an entire book showing readers how, as well as posting humorous essays regularly on his site…Read More…

Pizza Quest, with Guest Scott Deley, “The Ooni Pizza Project”

Welcome back to Pizza Quest! There is no question that Ooni Ovens have taken the world by storm, even eclipsing their worthy competitor RoccBox, which had a nice head start. How have they done it? Fortunately, we have Scott Deley with us, who just published a book called, The Ooni Pizza Project. The book is loaded with inspiring recipes created by Scott (but inspired by his many pizza heroes), who has…Read More…

Pizza Box of the Week #23: When Brooklyn is in Canada

Written By Scott Wiener
Saturday, 14 November 2020 Pizza Talk | Uncategorized

This week Scott Wiener takes us, via his pizza box collection, to two north of the border pizzerias that both evoke Brooklyn, NY as their ethos and as part of their brand names. So what is it about Brooklyn pizza that gives it its iconic status as a cultural reference point? It seems, as you will see, that a pizza box truly can open the door to deep (or not…Read More…

Pizza Talk: Mike Kurtz, the Creator of Mike’s Hot Honey

Condiments are essential foods for many of us. What would we do without mustard, ketchup, salsa, Tabasco, or Texas Pete, or Frank’s Hot Sauce? We sort of take them for granted and assume they’ve been around forever — which they haven’t — but during the past few years we (and by “we” I mean our tribe of fellow pizza freaks) bore first hand witness to the emergence a new “essential”…Read More…

Pizza Talk: Justin DeLeon, King of the Crown Pizza

Written By Peter Reinhart
Tuesday, 15 September 2020 Pizza Talk | Uncategorized

Justin DeLeon is the king of the Crown Pizza! He owns Apollonia’s Pizza in  the heart of downtown Los Angeles and I found out about him from none other than Nancy Silverton, who you may recall talked him up in her Pizza Talk interview earlier this year. A former (and current) professional photographer, Justin brings together his love of art and composition with his passion for pizza, and creates some…Read More…

Pizza Box of the Week, with Scott Wiener #12: The Dark-Side of the Scandinavian Soul — the “Omnipolis Hat” Pizza Box

Written By Scott Wiener
Saturday, 22 August 2020 Uncategorized

Hang onto your hats this week because Scott is about to reveal the deep, dark Swedish soul through two strangely compelling boxes most of you have probably never seen before. Omnipolis Hat is the name of the pizzeria in Stockholm and their box will, frankly, blow your mind, as will a second box (yes, another twofer from Scott!) that taps into the grim (think Grimm) mythic folkloric tradition of Scandinavia…Read More…

Letter from a Texas Baker

Note from Peter: I received the following letter from “B,” a serious home baker and pizza maker in which she raised some good questions about flour and commented on how important this baking activity has become for her and her family. I think many of you will relate to her story. With permission, here’s a portion of her letter (and, I encourage you all to write to me at…Read More…

New Webisode: Wood-Fired Striped Bass with Chef Todd Fisher

This is a wonderful master class by Chef Todd Fisher, of the hugely popular Tarpy’s Roadhouse in Monterey, California. We filmed this a few years ago at the Forno Bravo Wood-Fired Oven Expo at Talbott Vineyards, in Carmel Valley, just a few miles outside Monterey. Chef Todd shows us a number of excellent tips and techniques for roasting a whole fish (striped bass, in this instance) in a WFO (wood-fired…Read More…

Peter’s Blog: What a Long, Strange Trip This Has Been: Transformation, Part One

Hi Everyone, What can one say at a time like this? If you are reading this I hope it’s not just because you have (and not by choice) too much time on your hands. I wish it weren’t so. For me, as perhaps it’s been for you, it’s been a time of deepened reflection. I’d like to try to use my Peter’s Blog space during this and upcoming posts, to…Read More…

RIP Paul Castelucci, of Mama’s Pizzeria and Cheese Steaks

                  Some of you have seen my video presentation (or witnessed it live at last year’s Pizza Expo and also at the Atlantic City Pizza and Pasta Show East, in which I tell the story of Mama’s Pizzeria and Cheese Steaks, my childhood go-to place for the best pizza and cheese steaks in Philadelphia. For those who haven’t heard my talk, here…Read More…

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