Gas with Gas/Wood Combo Commercial Pizza Ovensgas burner

Flavor of wood-fired; convenience of gas

Developed specifically for Italian "wood" ovens

The Forno Bravo Professionale and Modena2G Gas ovens combines all of the advantages of the traditional Italian wood-fired oven, with the convenience of gas. The Forno Bravo oven burner is an electronically controlled, multi-gas atmospheric burner, designed specifically for firing Italian "wood" ovens. Two independent flame sources guarantee quick, and uniform heating of the entire oven dome and floor. Oven temperature is controlled electronically, giving the restaurant owner and chef easy control over cooking temperatures. The digital dispaly shows the target temperature and the actual oven temperature.

Unlike other pizza oven burner systems, which have a low flame and require fans or extra burner elements such as infrared panels under the cooking floor—and still don’t maintain proper temperature, the Forno Bravo burner delivers high, even cooking temperature; just like wood.

The Forno Bravo burner works in two modes: a low flame, which is used for maintaining the oven temperature; and a high flame used for quickly bringing the oven to cooking temperature, and for dealing with peak cooking periods. This dual-mode operation delivers economy of operation and minimum fuel consumption, combined with optimal performance and cooking. The Forno Bravo burner has a pilot-less ignition, further reducing fuel consumption.

The Forno Bravo Gas with Gas/Wood Combo ovens work on an atmospheric burner principle, where combustion takes place just as it does with wood. There is a natural draw of air through the oven opening, and the flame created by the burners is silent, widely diffused and very bright. This natural combustion delivers uniform cooking, high-performance "wood-like" flavors, and low maintenance costs compared with fan-assisted burners.

For restaurants looking for an oven that combines the authentic cooking environment of a wood-fired oven, with the convenience and consistency of a one-touch gas oven -- the Forno Bravo Professionale and Modena2G Gas with Gas/Wood Combo ovens make an excellent choice.

The Professionale and Modena2G ovens are ANSI-Z83a certified for use as commercial gas cooking appliances in the US.

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