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Peter’s Blog: What a Long, Strange Trip This Has Been: Transformation, Part One

Hi Everyone, What can one say at a time like this? If you are reading this I hope it’s not just because you have (and not by choice) too much time on your hands. I wish it weren’t so. For me, as perhaps it’s been for you, it’s been a time of deepened reflection. I’d like to try to use my Peter’s Blog space during this and upcoming posts, to…Read More…

RIP Paul Castelucci, of Mama’s Pizzeria and Cheese Steaks

                  Some of you have seen my video presentation (or witnessed it live at last year’s Pizza Expo and also at the Atlantic City Pizza and Pasta Show East, in which I tell the story of Mama’s Pizzeria and Cheese Steaks, my childhood go-to place for the best pizza and cheese steaks in Philadelphia. For those who haven’t heard my talk, here…Read More…

Peter’s Blog: The Quest Never Ends

Written By Peter Reinhart
Sunday, 19 January 2020 Peter's Blog

Hi Again, I’m headed to Texas, beginning with a pan pizza class at the Central Market Cooking School in San Antonio on Tuesday (Jan. 21), followed by the Central Market schools in Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, and Dallas on the succeeding days. I think the classes are all sold out, though you can call the respective schools if you’re just hearing about it now — there could be a waiting…Read More…

New Webisode: A “Love Letter” to our Fellow Fire-Freaks

Welcome back everyone!  During the past year or so we posted a number of webisodes filmed at the Forno Bravo Oven Expo a few years ago. I had the chance to meet and cook with some great chefs and teachers, work side by side with the Obi Wan Kenobi of pizza, John Arena, and meet hundreds of kindred spirits who, in one of the episodes, we referred to as our…Read More…

Happy New Year, 2020!

Written By Peter Reinhart
Monday, 30 December 2019 Peter's Blog

Hi Everybody, Mea culpa yet again! It’s been a crazy busy time and I haven’t posted anything for the past month or so, but wanted to get the ball going again and update you about a few things. First, my upcoming Perfect Pan Pizza teaching tour in Texas at five Central Market Cooking Schools is coming up soon. Here are the dates and you can go to Central Market’s website…Read More…

New Webisode: Baking Mini Baguettes from Pizza Dough

Hi and welcome Back! Here’s a webisode we’ve been saving from the Forno Bravo Oven Expo where I get to bake my favorite thing (beside pizza): bread!  And not just any bread but a remarkable mini-baguette made from a wet, ciabatta-like dough, that puffs up beautifully in a hot oven immediately after shaping (and this will work not just in wood-fired oven but even in a home oven set to…Read More…

Avocado Toast ‘d Pizza

Written By Brad English
Saturday, 19 October 2019 Brad's Corner

There is nothing quite like a good Avocado Toast. Am I right?  These days, it’s all the rage and it seems like there is no end to what can be done to gourmet it up!  My favorite is with a runny egg and some red pepper flakes and, of course with a good sprinkling of flaky sea salt and pepper. At home I’ll add whatever I might have around:  chopped…Read More…

Look for me in Atlantic City Sept. 25 and 26

Written By Peter Reinhart
Tuesday, 24 September 2019 Peter's Blog

Hi Again, Just a quick note to let you know I’ll be speaking at the Northeast Pizza & Pasta Show on Wednesday (opening talk at 10 AM), as well as moderating a panel with pizza masters John Arena and Brian Spangler on “Tinkering with Your Dough” on Thursday morning.  Also, on Wednesday afternoon, I’ll be on stage with the incredible Anthony Mangieri for an inspirational conversation on staying true to…Read More…

Guest Column: Bob Radcliffe, ‘Cue on Weck, Anyone?”

Written By Bob Radcliffe
Tuesday, 24 September 2019 Guest Columns

Note from Peter: It’s been a while since we heard from Bob Racliffe, who has been cranking out Jersey -style tomato pies and artisan breads in rural North Carolina for the past few years, via his Ben Franklin Society and Lynch Creek Farm Bakery programs. We all get lots of good ideas and make our “one of these days” lists, but here is a great example of how Bob grabs…Read More…

Brad’s Corner: Queso Fundido Pizza!

Written By Brad English
Tuesday, 03 September 2019 Brad's Corner | Recipes

Queso Fundido! When life gives you lemons the old adage suggests you make lemonade.  I love good lemonade.  It’s sweet, but it has to be tart!  When it’s perfect it balances on the edge between the two taste sensations. Well, today I asked for some lamb merguez sausage at the market and was instead given some pork chorizo sausage. What to do? What to do?!! One thing was for sure,…Read More…

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