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First Revised Draft of History (FRDH) with Michael Goldfarb

Welcome back to Pizza Quest where, as you will see this week, it is often more about the Quest than it is about the Pizza.

Michael Goldfarb is one of my oldest and best friends, beginning back in the third grade at Belmont Hills Elementary School, located just outside of Philadelphia, over 60 years ago. We’ve stayed in touched ever since, each on our own quests for adventure and meaning. Over the years, I often took great joy in listening to his reporting and award winning documentaries on NPR and the BBC, reading his books on the Iraq War (Ahmad’s War, Ahmad’s Peace) and also on the 1,000 year old modern Jewish Diaspora (Emancipation). More recently, I’ve been following his podcast series, FRDH, where he examines current events through his unique journalistic lens from his ex-pat home base in London, England. He has interviewed me on NPR and now, full circle, I get to interview him here on Pizza Quest. Yes, it’s been a long, strange trip that keeps intersecting, but it never gets old (even though we do). Hear all about his amazing journey as Michael and I catch up with each other, yet again, in this new  and special episode of Pizza Quest.

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Pizza Quest is a site dedicated to the exploration of artisanship in all forms, wherever we find it, but especially through the literal and metaphorical image of pizza. As we share our own quest for the perfect pizza we invite all of you to join us and share your journeys too. We have discovered that you never know what engaging roads and side paths will reveal themselves on this quest, but we do know that there are many kindred spirits out there, passionate artisans, doing all sorts of amazing things. These are the stories we want to discover, and we invite you to jump on the proverbial bus and join us on this, our never ending pizza quest.

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