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Beautiful stucco enclosure for indoor and outdoor use.

A fully assembled commercial oven

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Specifications (online)
Roma110-D, 44" round cooking surface
Roma120-D, 48" round cooking surface

Each Professionale oven is available either as wood-fired or Gas with Gas/Wood Combo.

Data Sheets (download .pdf)
Roma D-Series Specification Sheet

Installation Guide (download .pdf)
Commercial Installation and Operating Manual

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Restaurant Oven Photo Journal

The Roma D-Series is a family of fully assembled ovens designed for restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, resorts, caterers and professional food service organizations. The ovens feature an attractive, rugged and waterproof painted stucco enclosure, making it the right choice for either a traditional indoor kitchen setting and an outdoor entertaining area. The oven can also be easily moved with a forklift or hand truck, providing authentic Italian wood/gas-fired cooking and Pizza Napoletana wherever you want it.

These Igloo (or Dome) shape ovens are built using the popular Forno Bravo Professionale oven core, providing a heavy duty 3" cooking dome, a 2.5" firebrick tile cooking floor and extra thick 4" - 6" ceramic insulation for excellent high heat cooking, heat retention and fuel efficiency. Like all Forno Bravo ovens, the Roma D-Series ovens are designed with optimal proportions, including the perfect Oven Dome Height and Oven Opening Size for baking serious Pizza Napoletana.

The Roma oven are fully-insulated and fully-finished with a smooth stucco enclosure that has been sealed, painted and glazed. For outdoor use, the ovens are vented with a UL103HT chimney system, and include the chimney and spark arrester. The oven can be vented indoors using either the UL103HT venting system, or a Listed Type 1 hood with grease duct venting.

Each Roma oven can be fired using either wood-only, or with the Forno Bravo Burner, which provides both gas-only and gas/wood combo operation. The Roma Series ovens are Internet certified to UL and NSF standards for restaurant use. The ovens are available in 44" and 48" sizes.

For more information on the Professionale oven, please refer to the Professionale Specification Sheet and the Forno Bravo Commercial Oven Installation and Operation Guide.

Roma D-Series Commercial Pizza Oven Family

Cooking Surface
Area (ft2)
Pizzas (11")
44" x 54"
48" x 59"

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