Giardino, Casa2G or Premio2G?

We offer three precast refractory oven lines: the Giardino, Casa2G and the Premio2G. All three are made from the same high-quality refractory and insulating materials, so they heat up fast, hold heat and cook great. We hope these questions will help you decide which is right for you.


Do you have space constraints?

Do you have budget constraints?

The Giardino Series ovens are the right choice for someone who wants to bake authentic Pizza Napoletana and hearth bread, but has real budget or space constraints.

If yes, click here to decide which size Giardino oven is right for you.



Are you looking for the best mainstream oven available in the market?

Are you going to primarily bake pizza, while experimenting with other dishes and bread?

Do you throw moderately sized parties?

The Casa2G Series ovens are our most popular ovens. They heat up quickly for weekend entertaining, while still offering outstanding heat retention for baking and roasting.

If yes, click here to decide which size Casa2G oven is right for you.



Do you throw really big parties?

Are you going to bake lots of bread?

Are you going to bake and roast entire meals—even Thanksgiving?

The Premio2G Series ovens offer professional baking at home. They are heavier and more insulated than our mainstream ovens, and are designed for customers who are looking for the ultimate home baking experience.

If yes, click here to decided which size Premio2G oven is right for you.