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Which Size Premio2G Oven?

The Premio2G ovens are available in three sizes: 40″, 44″ and 48″


Large Ovens

Are you looking for a large oven for your family and entertaining friends and relatives?

Choose either the Premio2G100 (40″) or Premio2G110 (44″). They offer the space you need to cook multiple pizzas at one time, or a larger number of platters. At the same time, they still heat up quickly and are efficient enough for home use.





Extra Large Oven

Do you throw big parties?
Are you a serious baker or a serious chef?
Do you have parties where you hire a professional chef for your oven?
Are you a restaurant professional?

Choose the Premio2G120 (48″). This is one of the largest residential ovens you will find that combines space, high heat baking, heat retention and oven efficiency.



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