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Why Forno Bravo: The World’s Finest Pizza Ovens

We know that you have a choice when selecting a pizza oven and that it can be confusing sorting out different claims. To keep things simple, here are ten good reasons why Forno Bravo sells the World’s Finest Pizza Ovens.

1. High-Tech Refractory Materials Deliver Great Pizza Oven Performance

wood fired pizza oven Our pizza ovens are constructed using a sophisticated refractory material that delivers dramatically better oven performance than alternatives built using old-fashioned “Tuscan clay” and vermiculite insulation. Forno Bravo uses high alumina, high-purity, high-density refractories, compressed and kiln-fired firebrick floors, and space-age ceramic insulation to create the world’s most sophisticated ovens. High tech meets the 2,000-year-old brick oven.

Unlike some other producers, who use inexpensive, lower-grade materials for their residential ovens, and high-end material for their commercial pizza ovens, every Forno Bravo refractory oven uses commercial-grade materials. This is very important to your oven performance. But, what does “oven performance” mean?

2. The World’s Fastest Heat-up Time

Our ovens are ready to cook in as little as 20 minutes—the time it takes to light charcoal. We have cooked in pizza ovens made in France (the ones that look like Darth Vader) that take at least an hour and a half to heat up. We think that a quick heat-up time can be the difference between using your oven on a beautiful weekday evening—and simply not having enough time to fire your oven.

3. Great Heat Retention

Our commercial pizza ovens hold their temperature at a remarkable 500°F overnight. Remember, our residential ovens use the same material, which means they are great at both cooking pizza all night, and at baking and roasting. You don’t need to burn a lot of wood firing your oven, and you can bake an oven full of bread with only 7-8 pieces of wood. In fact, our ovens are 30% more wood fuel efficient than traditional ovens.

4. A Full Line of Pizza Oven Types and Sizes

Our Casa2G line is the ultimate wood fire oven engine, offering easy customization; our Premio line offers premium features that you can’t find anywhere else; our Giardino series are budget and space friendly, and for the purist, our authentic, Artigiano true-brick ovens are imported from Italy.  With sizes ranging from 24″ to over 72″ (that’s six feet), we have the oven you need.

5. A Complete Modular Pizza Oven Kit

Our modular pizza oven kits include everything you need to assemble your oven, including the dome and floor insulation, the mortar, and the chimney; that means no more searching for hard-to-find refractory components and no last minute cost surprises. It’s all there.

6. Breakthrough Price/Performance

There is no reason for anyone to pay the crazy prices some importers have charged for a pizza oven in the past. Our ovens cost much less than the traditional alternatives — almost half in some cases — despite the fact that our ovens are the premium brand. Why do we offer such low prices? Our goal is to make the pizza oven as popular in the U.S. and around the world as it is in Italy, and we are going to reach that goal by making it easy for you to install the World’s Finest Pizza Oven at your house.

7. A Real Refractory Vent

Some refractory ovens come with either no vent assembly or an inexpensive steel vent. Why? Because they are less expensive to make. Our Casa2G, Premio, and Giardino ovens come with a real Refractory Vent landing for long, worry-free use.

8. Fully-Assembled Pizza Ovens, Ready to Go

We provide the most diverse family of fully-assembled wood fired ovens, ranging in design from stucco, tile, to steel decorative facades.  Any one of our modular oven kits can become a headache-free, fully-assembled oven, ready to place on your patio.  If you ask, we will even personalize it for you– Favorite color?  Family crest tiled on the front?  Our team of highly skilled craftsmen love a challenge.

9. Forno Bravo Community

Our Brick Oven Cooking Community site is the best in the world. We have built a highly-engaging Community Cookbook that features great chefs, bakers, and food writers who share our passion for brick oven cooking and brick oven pizza.  Pizza Quest with Peter Reinhart is hosted by Forno Bravo and remains a free resource for anyone seeking to join us on our quest for the perfect pizza.

10. The Forno Bravo eBook Series

We have published several comprehensive eBooks on Wood Fired Cooking, Wood Fired Pizza, and Wood Fired Hearth Bread. Our eBooks are free, and the entire series is highly recommended by the Masonry Heater Association.

11. The Forno Bravo Forum

OK, our Top 10 list goes to 11. The Forno Bravo Forum is the world’s largest English-language online community dedicated to wood fired ovens and wood fired cooking. With 50,000+ members, over 25,000 pages of content, and scores of thousands of postings, the FB Forum is a great way to learn about wood ovens—and meet some interesting people.

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