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Pepperoniplant Pizza

Written By Brad English
Saturday, 09 March 2013 Written Recipes

For a colorful and spicy accent…

This is my first follow up on my broccoli pepperoni experiment.  I think I’m onto something here. Pepperoni is so popular because it is a great topping for pizza.  It offers a spicy kick with concentrated salt accents. It has a deep flavor with spicy and salty exclamations! When I’m making pizzas at home I tend to use a good salami rather than a traditional pepperoni but, every once in a while the kids will order your basic pepperoni pizza and I’ll nab a slice and remember why it’s so popular.

I was making some pizzas recently and while shopping I saw a pile of little japanese eggplant sitting there.  The spot lights on the ceiling reflected back at me from their shiny purple skin.  I decided to pick one up and try using it as my next platform to play with my pepperoni-ing project.
Let’s get right to the pizza since this is a follow up to the previous recipe post.

The Pepperoniplant Pizza

Sliced eggplant seasoned to become our pepperoni right in the pan.

– Dough: I used Peter’s Country dough that I made using a Firestone Double Barrel Ale instead of water.

– Peter’s herb oil
– Grated Mozz and an English White Cheddar
– Brad’s Pepperoniplant
– Sauteed chilis (Fresno and Serranos)
– Salt/Pepper to taste

I sliced the eggplant in strips for this pizza, but it would be nice to do this by cutting it into pepperoni-like discs as well.

Making the Pepperoniplant:

*I know the name is lame. But, I am writing this blog and I get to use it!
– 1 Japanese Eggplant
– Olive Oil
– Soy Sauce
– Rice Wine Vinegar
– Paprika
– Garlic Powder
– Ground Fennel Seed
– Ground Red Pepper Flakes
– Ground Mustard Seed
– A little Cayenne Pepper
– Ground Black Pepper
– Salt

The nice thing about the eggplant is that it stays really moist even after baking.


Slice eggplant into 1/8″ – 1/4″ strips.  Saute in Olive Oil and add the rest of the ingredients to your eye.  Drizzle a little soy for color and a depth of flavor.  I feel like the soy adds a nutty, or meaty quality to the taste. Add a little of the rice wine vinegar for a little tang and brightness.  Sprinkle the moistened eggplant with the dry ingredients until it’s the right color and you feel you have the right balance of spices.  I flipped them over back and forth as they sautéed in order to make sure to distribute the spices and liquid evenly on each slice.
Saute until just done.  This could be done ahead of time and saved in the fridge.

Looks yummy, right?!

The bake:

Pre-heat your oven to 550 Degrees for an hour.  When ready to bake the pizza switch it to Convection bake.  I find the circulation of the air helps cook the pizza faster.
Spread the dough and build your pizza.  Haven’t we gotten this down yet?
Pepperoniplant and chilis.
Into the oven it goes.
6-10 minutes later it will be bubbling hot and ready to come out.
Welcome to my vegetable pepperoni quest!
*Note on the asterisk’s:  Enjoy them.  Follow them down the page.  They lead you to the next sentence.  Ok, really, the web program just wasn’t cooperating today.  I could not space anything out.  So, I “outsmarted” the programming and entered the asterisks.



This sounds exciting. Unfortunately I don’t like pepperoni. What spices should I use to make Italian sausage-plant


Nice idea! Maybe you’d like pepperoni-plant?! Haha I think this is an interesting idea that can be adjusted per the user’s liking. I just did a google search for homemade italian sausage. Here are some of the ingredients listed: salt, pepper, red wine vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder, dried basil, oregano, thyme, paprika, fennel seed and brown sugar (optional red pepper flakes). Seems like a nice version there.

I’m sure there are as many sausage and pepperoni recipes as there are home people who take the time to do these things at home, or for a living!

I’d love to hear and see how your version of sausage-plant comes out!

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