Coming Attractions, Week of April 11th

I'm off on a trip this week to America's heartland, so will continue my Asheville Bread Festival blog report next week when I return. However, we do have some fun features to bring you this week, including an instructional video with Scott Thorson, of Bella Familia Wood-Fired Mobile Oven of Sacramento, California. In the video he's going to demonstrate how to make a delicious, bubbling five-cheese pizza on our own country pizza dough -- we filmed this one at the Fire Within Conference in Boulder back in October. This video will post on Thursday.

Brad English will be posting a terrific pizza recipe and photo spread of his successful attempt to make a lamb fennel-sausage and mushroom pizza created by Jay Buonchristiani of Napa Valley's Buonchristiani Vineyards. It didn't hurt that Brad also had a bottle of Buonchristiani's premium 2006 Syrah to accompany the pizza. You can read all about it -- and see the photos --  on Tuesday.

I will try to send in a blog posting from the road, but no promises--I may be having too much fun to write....




#1 LOREN STANDEN 2011-04-14 11:31
i have a question, when i fire up my wood oven and it is 710 degrees and i place the pizza in it seem like the bottom always burns before the pizza is done,should i take a reading of the floor temp before i place it in the oven? what im i doing wrong? or is it the dough? help!!!!

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