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Pizza Quest: The Pizza Quest Online Pizza Course, with Director Kyle Ahlgren of ABC Online

Welcome back to Pizza Quest!

In this episode, Peter talks with Kyle Ahlgren, the producer/director of the Artisan Baking Center (ABC) Online streaming classes. A year ago, Peter and Kyle collaborated at the Artisan Baking Center, the educational component of Central Milling, in Petaluma, CA, where they video recorded a pizza course based on Peter’s most recent book, Pizza Quest. The book is a direct result of the many interviews we’ve done here on the Pizza Quest podcast and video series with some of the world’s finest pizzaioli, 30 of whom who contributed their signature pizzas (and photos) for the book. Peter then reinterpreted them for home cooks as “tribute pizzas” that could be made in a home oven. Kyle and his team then chose four of the featured pizzas from the book, along with Peter’s dough and sauce recipes, and created a dynamic pizza course that can be owned and streamed forever.

Here’s a link to the ABC Online site where you can watch previews of not only Peter’s class but also (at the top of the landing page) a link to the other courses on the site featuring many award-winning bakers and instructors. Also, if you choose to buy the course (or any course in their catalog), Kyle is offering a 35% discount for our followers by applying the discount code PIZZAQUEST when you get to the paywall. (Note: when you go to the site via this link you will see a 25% discount offered to all first timers, but if you use our discount code, you will get the 35% discount instead, on this and on any course you buy through the end of the year — could be a great holiday gift for loved ones).

Hear the behind the scenes stories of how Kyle Ahlgren created this and other ABC Online video courses (including one with Tony Gemignani), in this episode of Pizza Quest. 

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