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Pizza Quest: Animal-Free Cheese that Actually Tastes and Melts Like Cheese

Welcome back to Pizza Quest!
    Our guest this week is Inja Radman, co-founder of New Culture Food, a company with a mission to provide the world with animal-free cheese, beginning with mozzarella, that actually tastes and performs like the milk-based originals. Even those with lactose or dairy sensitivities have a love-hate relationship with the current options of faux cheese, usually made with nut and seed milks. New Culture’s breakthrough came by breaking the bio-chemical code of milk cheeses and to zero in on casein as the key. Casein is what makes cheese perform like cheese, as Inja explains in this fascinating conversation. Where will it lead, and when will this breakthrough, game-changing product be available to the general public? Listen in as Inja explains it all.

Note: For more details, check out New Culture’s website at

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