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Primavera60 outdoor pizza oven

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Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The Primavera60 outdoor pizza oven is a 24″ fully-assembled pizza oven  designed for outdoor kitchens and can bake 1 – 10″ pizza at a time.  Capable of cooking as many as 20 pizzas per hour, this oven is a workhorse for the family on a budget.  This wood fired pizza oven features fast heat up times and industry leading performance for home owners.

Easily installed and can be taken with you when you move.  This fully assembled pizza oven comes in a beautiful hand crafted stucco igloo shape, available with or without a metal stand, easily mounted on a counter top.

Primavera60 outdoor pizza oven includes:

  • Fully assembled pizza oven in stucco finish;
  • 7 Stucco Colors Included
  • Countertop or Decorative Metal Stand;
  • Steel door with thermometer.

Primavera60 outdoor pizza oven specifications:

  • 24″ cooking floor bakes 1 – 10″ pizza at a time;
  • 1.5″ commercial grade refractory oven dome;
  • Firebrick cooking floor that is NSF-4 certified for use with food;
  • 3″ of oven insulation around dome and 2″ below cooking floor;
  • Terracotta flue; which can be upgraded when going through patio cover;
  • Recommended for outdoor use only; wood fired, no gas or charcoal.
  • Check out our Primavera Outdoor Pizza Oven Photo Gallery.

Further customization upon request, like a decorative brick arch or insulated chimney for going through patio covers.

Our most popular outdoor pizza oven, used by Peter Reinhart, host of Pizza Quest.

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Receiving Your Primavera

This video applies to all Primavera’s that come with a stand.

Countertop Primavera pizza ovens would need to be lifted off the pallet and placed on your hearth or countertop.


Weight 800 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 48 × 69 in

Steel Stand, Counter Top


“We love making Neapolitan style pizza. We make our own dough and our own sauce.”

Scott S. | Denver, CO

“It makes a perfect napoletan pizza.”

Anna B. | Originally from Milan but live in VA now

“I love making bread and outdoor cooking so why not both! Bought the oven after a trip to Naples and have made a few hundred pies since. Still refining dough recipes but I guess the tinkering is why we do it.”

Chris C. | Plano, TX

“We love the fact it brings our family and friends together to experience amazing pizza and other fine foods like steaks and chops. It creates an entertaining and fun environment to experience an evening filled with good food, fine wine, and great company and leaves our guest with a memorable experience wanting to come back for more.” 

March O. | Richfield, OH



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