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Giardino70 Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

Oven Size:


28″ Pizza Oven Kit – Ships in 3 to 7 days!

Lift gate provided.


The Giardino70 outdoor pizza oven kit has a 28″ cooking floor capable of baking 2 – 10 inch pizzas at a time. This wood fired pizza oven features fast heat up times and industry leading performance for home owners.

Oven kit provides everything required to build a fully insulated wood oven core, including the oven dome, vent, floor, chimney, steel door, thermometer, 3″ dome insulation, 2″ of floor insulation and high temperature refractory mortar. Fast 20 minute heat up time and outstanding heat retention. The perfect outdoor pizza oven kit. Oven tools sold separately.

Giardino70 wood fired pizza oven kit includes:

  • Commercial grade refractory 1.5″ oven dome with integral vent;
  • Firebrick cooking floor that is NSF-4 certified for use with food;
  • 3″ Ceramic fiber insulation blanket and 2″ board to fully insulate pizza oven;
  • High temperature mortar;
  • Stainless steel stove pipe kit with anchor plate, flue and cap;
  • Steel door with thermometer;
  • Optional Cucina stand;

Fast 20 minute heat up time and outstanding heat retention. The perfect home pizza oven for those who want the authenticity of wood fired cooking.

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Weight 600 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 44 × 34 in


“It is always been my lifelong dream to have a pizza oven. After visiting a friend of ours that had one, I came home and made the decision to build my oven. My inspiration was being able to cook for family and friends and watching their enjoyment as the pies came out of the oven. Not only can you cook amazing pies you can make all sorts of fabulous dishes. The thing I like most about my oven was the morning after using our pizza oven. We would cook breakfast for our guests that spend the night. Our family always loved to wake up in the morning to the smell of hot cinnamon rolls and quiche from the pizza oven due to the heat that was always retained in the oven for the next morning.”

Suzy G. | San Jose, CA


“As a professional chef, a wood burning pizza oven was on the top of my priority list on our recent house remodel project. Yeah the pizza is great, but what I love most about it is that cooking in the pizza oven is more than just making delicious food, it is an experience. An experience that all of our guests can participate in. From lighting it up, to making your own from the toppings bar, to sitting around the slow burning coals after a few glasses of wine, making dessert pizzas with the kids. It has quickly become our family’s Friday night ritual. Our magical summer nights around the pizza oven, beneath the redwoods, will be more than a memory, but a feeling that will stay with us forever.”

Dylan France | CA


“My Dad had pizza restaurants when I was growing up in Dallas (Pizza Party,) so I worked there in the summers and really loved it. When my husband and I added on a master suite & patio to the back of our historic house in 2018, we realized it was the perfect time to build a pizza oven. After shopping around, we decided that Forno Bravo had the perfect oven for our needs. Our stone mason built the plinth and my husband borrowed an engine hoist from a friend to lift the dome into place. He then built an armature over the insulated dome out of metal mesh and straps. Then, I found the ideal color of stone to cover it, which my husband cut into 4″ wide strips, and our stone mason installed it (with me hovering over his shoulder!) To complete it, my husband made a slide-out wood bin underneath. We love the fact that it heats up so quickly and it stays hot for so long. After we’ve finished cooking pizza, we usually cook something else like chicken tandoori or butternut squash in a cast-iron kettle. This week, we’re planning on baking bread in the oven. Great product by Forno Bravo, great service and advice too – we’re now the envy of all our friends!”

Jo P. | Granbury, TX. 


“We just love learning to be one with nature and our Forno Bravo oven”. 

Mike D. | Floyd VA 

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