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About Your Primavera Pizza Oven

Your Forno Bravo Primavera Pizza Oven is made by hand, with care, in the U.S., using traditional methods and the highest quality modern refractories and insulators. Because your oven is handmade, you will see variations in the exterior finish and paint, and in the cooking tiles — which are hand cut to fit your oven. These variations are normal. We think these ovens offer authentic handmade charm, and we hope that you agree with us.

Always follow the Curing Schedule provided with your Primavera oven. It is vital that you bring your oven up to heat slowly in order to not damage the oven dome and vent material. In the event that the inside of your oven gets wet, follow the Curing Schedule to slowly dry it out. You should also bring your oven up to heat slowly after any period of rain and/or the oven not being used — such as the first firing in the spring (primavera).

Over time, as is the case with any wood oven, the top of the opening to your Primavera oven will become black with soot. While your Primavera oven’s vent and terracotta chimney system does an excellent job of drawing smoke and hot air out of the oven chamber, soot is an unavoidable part of any wood oven. You can occasionally clean the oven opening with soap and water, or you can allow the opening to naturally become black. You may also choose to occasionally re-paint the oven opening. For a touch-up kit, please contact Forno Bravo. Each strategy works equally well.

Rain and Snow
Your Primavera oven enclosure is sealed and painted to withstand outdoor weather conditions, including rain and snow. But you must take care to ensure that water does not enter the oven cooking area. If you choose to leave your oven outside permanently, always place the oven door tightly across the oven opening, and place the terracotta cap on top of the chimney.

Hairline Cracks
Small hairline cracks in your Primavera oven dome or vent are a normal part of the heat up/cool down (expansion/contraction) cycle that all wood ovens experience. These small cracks will not impact how well your Primavera oven cooks or how long it will last, and a majority of cracks can be ignored. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Forno Bravo.

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