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A Championship Margherita by Tony Gemignani, part 2

Written By Peter Reinhart
Wednesday, 14 September 2011 Webisodes

I was mistaken last week when I said the Margherita that Tony made was his World Championship version. Actually, this week is the version that won it all. As it turns out, last week’s pizza was made with Caputo flour and this week’s is made with San Felice flour. When Tony won the World Championship in Naples, which he’ll talk about a little in this week’s segment, he used the San Felice flour so that’s the one he reserves this flour for at his restaurant. He uses Caputo on all his other Napoletana pizzas and, as he indicates here, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart and he loves both brands. But, because he won the title with the San Felice, that’s the one you get if you order the Championship pie, served on the special pedestal platter. Tony told us that he tries to replicate the Margherita exactly as he did it for the judges, and he only makes 73 each day and when the dough runs out he stops taking orders for it. The number has special meaning for him but now I can’t recall what it signifies so be sure to ask when you eat there.

Another surprise for all of us (and even for one of the judges, it so happens) is that the traditional competition Margherita is not required to be made with Mozzarella di Bufala but should actually be made with Fior di Latte (cow’s milk mozzarella). Now we know. Hey, you’ll learn all sorts of new things from hanging out with the Masters, which is why we go on these crazy quests. So sit back and enjoy or, as the saying goes, watch and learn….




I’m lovin the webisodes with Tony. Just a helpful hint. some of the conversations seen to fade out and you can barely hear you and your guests speaking at times. I’ve noticed on previous webisodes. Try to have your guy handling the mic move in a little closer so we can catch all of the great information that’s coming across.


Thanks for the input and hope our budgetary/technical issues are outweighed by the good content! Tony is a quest unto himself. Truly amazing! We’ll keep improving and appreciate your thoughts.

Vito Boscaino

Great article, Thanks! I have been experimenting with Caputo flour and was not previously aware of the San Felice flour, so I will have to keep an eye out for it. I love the eternal quest for the best Margherita Pizza! I don’t know that there is really any cause more worthy in life….


I agree. I’m sure you’ll see my modest attempts at my perfect Margherita over and over on these pages.


I have been using a metal peel here at home for the last year while I am working on pizza recipes and would like to try the perforated peel that Tony uses. Any ideas on where to pick one up or were those created exclusivley for Tony?

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