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Coming Attractions, Week of July 4th

Happy Independence Day week!!!  I hope some of you are making grilled pizzas this year — let us know if you do.

This week, on Thursday, we’ll be posting the next in our webisode series filmed in Cayucos, California.  Chef Jensen Lorenzen and his wife Grace, owners of the Cass House Inn, took me to the nearby Ruddell’s Smokehouse, where we had a great visit with Jim Ruddell and learned some of his secrets for smoking albacore and other fish, some of which will show up on top of a pizza in next week’s segment.

On Tuesday, I’ll be back with another Peter’s Blog, pondering the virtues of the many varieties of flour now available to home and professional pizzaiolo’s. It’s a golden age for pizza freaks, for sure!

In the coming weeks we’ll be exploring sourdough pizza, as well as more on fish tacos and the beer/pizza connection. Keep coming back since there’s always something new here at Pizza Quest!



(part 1)
I am totally excited to see what you have in store for us about different kinds of pizza flours and sourdough pizzas!

I have yet to figure out how to get a 100% sourdough pizza to cook in less than 8 minutes at home. Although using the Tartine Bread standard bread recipe for Pizza has been my best result yet. 8-10 minutes in the oven is far to crispy (even crunchy) of a pizza for my taste.


(part 2)
Since I am very much a pizza freak (at home – for now), last week I ordered Anson Mills Pizza flour and it has produced pizza far better than anything I’ve been able to produce to date. The pie needed less time (about 4 minutes) in the oven and produced a crust with more chew and was less crispy than my other pies (a welcome good thing, in my opinion, since my past pizzas were very crispy). Also, the taste of the crust was the most flavorful wheat’s I have ever tasted. It was so fresh and distinctive. It probably helps that orders are milled fresh to order.

Of note, I have been using King Arthur Bread flour in my past pizza dough’s. I also tried Gold Metal’s Better for Bread flour since it is milled from Hard Winter Wheat and I read somewhere it might be even better suited for Pizza Dough. While the visual results of the GM flour were much better, the taste was very bland.


Interesting tasting notes, B-ry–thanks so much! I live in Anson Mills country so will have to get my hands on some of that flour and give it a go. Will post the sourdough info soon but, in the meantime, go to and navigate to Teresa’s pizza section for a head start.


My family hosted a neighborhood pizza picnic on the 4th. A great party seems to happen naturally whenever I stoke up our cob oven. Maybe the start of a new July tradition?!

Since we’re talking flour. . . I’m getting good results with North Dakota Mills flour; Bread and/or AP. Both are available in 25 lb bags for about $12 here in Minnesota. I would like to try a side-by-side with some -00- sometime.

I have really enjoyed the webisodes. Keep ’em coming!

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